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Player Characters

  • Lug - Jon - A somewhat dimwitted, but big and well-meaning member of the vaults maintenance staff. Enjoys tinkering with things and has a homemade mortar.
  • Ryan Peters - Colin - One of the managers in the vault's maintenance staff, responsible mostly for keeping the environmental control systems.
  • Catherine Weld - Andy - A bit of an outcast and ne'er-do-well, works as a janitor in part as punishment for early kleptomaniacal activities.



A little over 100 years ago, the world as we knew it ended. Since then the entire world any of the characters have ever known has been inside one isolated vault. All of that is about to change.


  • Into the Cold - 6/7/2009 - Wherein a group of well-meaning, but less-than-reputable vault workers are exiled as the first to leave the vault in more than 100 years.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Glowdrakes - 11/8/2009 - Wherein our adventurers find the first wisps of civilization and discover all is not well in the world.
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