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  • Cassidy (Jon): Part Irish, part Native American shaman and bounty hunter.
  • Matt Walker (Chris): Ex-soldier, ex-grey experiment now gunslinger for hire and Cassidy's partner.
  • James Coburn (Andy): Ex-cavalry officer, now priest and wandering sharpshooter.


  • Joe: The party's current main contact inside the resistance.
  • Jackie: The resistance's main techie, also a result of cybertech experiments on humans.
  • Liu Shin Bao: A Chinese merchant in San Francisco and likely some kind of crime lord.



Plot Summary

Session 1

(4 xp)
Matt and Cassidy

  • The PCs are working with a rebel organization set up in caves along the mesa and ridges of the southwest
  • Matt and Cassidy were approached in a saloon and asked if they would be willing to help deal with a small part of the Grey threat. The man introduced himself as Joe and asked the pair to attempt to capture a Grey commander while he is enroute on a train.
  • The pair infiltrates the private train car only to see the commander flee out the other side during the final rounds of the fire fight.
  • Seconds later, a giant metal robot rips the roof off the train car and begins firing at Cassidy and Matt with a machine gun. The fight turns south, but the pair eventually manage to badly injure the commander and take him alive, but unconscious and unhappy.
  • They leave with the commander in custody, but one of Matt's cyber-arms is damaged. They turn in the commander and Matt begins repairing his arm as best he can while the spend the night at the small resistance camp.

Session 2

(3 xp)
Matt, Cassidy, James and Zhou's character

  • Based on the first round of interrogation, Joe tells the group that there is a genetic-experimentation facility located in an abandoned mine nearby, but that it is well protected and they will likely want to seek the services of a sharpshooter as the approach will leave them in the open. Joe also says that there are rumors of a wandering sharpshooter who recently arrived in town.
  • In town, they found James who was, to their surprise, dressed as a priest. Other than that he matched the description perfectly and he was, in fact, their man. He agreed to come without much pressure or offer of reward further confusing Matt and Cassidy.
  • Cassidy did a lot of spirit-walking to do reconnaissance before entering the facility. ///Need to fill this in///
  • The three set off making their way up a canyon toward the facility occasionally stopping and exchanging rifle shots with men on the ridges.
  • Once entering, the group ended up in a shootout down a long corridor with an elevator at the end killing many human and Grey guards.
  • On the way to set the explosives they encountered Zhou's character who was locked up and clearly the result of some Grey genetic experimentation on humans.
  • The four left the facility and watched it to collapse in a dynamite-induced explosion.

Session 3

August 5, 2007 (4 xp)
Matt and James

  • The group returned to the resistance camp where Zhou's character was taken to be debriefed and generally be prepared for whatever new life he may have. Cassidy entered a spirit trance and soon after got up and starting heading out saying something about her family. She left so quickly that nobody really had time to figure out what was going on or dissuade her from going.
  • The next morning Joe came to ask Matt and James for another favor. Jackie, the resistance tech, managed to coax the location of the last base the captured commander's mecha had been from some fragments that were brought in along with the commander. Joe wanted them to take a device Jackie made which would "download" all the information in that small outpost's "computer" systems so that he could look over when they got back.
  • Rather than reveal that they were using Grey tech to gather intelligence, they were supposed to make it look like a sabotage mission, basically blow something up on the way out.
  • Scout information said that the approach to the outpost (another abandoned mine) was guarded by two emplacements, one artillery and one gatling gun. Some careful planning took out both emplacements (totally 3 humans) quickly and they approached the rest of the way up the canyon in peace.
  • Entering the facility they quickly killed the 3 Grey guards and freed 3 humans. The group got the data and found 3 laser pistols, 2 laser rifles as well as 15 clips for them. Additionally they managed to blow open a huge door leading to a mecha landing room with chimney out into the open.
  • They they set dynamite next to the outpost's fusion reactor and when they were a few thousand feet away managed to set off the first nuclear explosion on earth. It resulted in a rain of boulders and dust in addition to the loudest noise maybe ever heard and a massive dust cloud that blotted out the sun for the rest of the day.
  • Returning to the resistance camp, they noticed they were being followed by mecha and decided to head for town instead. One of the rescued humans was crushed by a falling boulder, one wanted to be taken to town to try and find his wife and daughter, but the last volunteered to help the resistance.
  • The mecha came within a few hundred feet of the ground but did not fire at the group and then moved on. After dropping the one man in town, the three (Matt, James and the last rescued human) headed back to the resistance camp under cover of night.
  • The session closed with Joe in a huff about the size of the explosion and about how they were followed. He was getting the resistance camp ready to move at a moments notice if Greys showed up.

Session 4

August 19, 2007 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • Loud thumping and dust falling from the cave ceiling wake James and Matt halfway through their first night's sleep after the last session.
  • They awake to Chaos as those people with guns are running to the entrance, while those without are starting to head toward the escape tunnels.
  • James and Matt head toward the entrance and manage to fight off (with the aid of Dynamite) two machine-gun equipped mecha that had been pinning people down.
  • Matt headed out to loot one of the mecha while James cared for the injured. While out, Matt was on the receiving end of rockets slamming into the mesa wall near the cave.
  • Running back in, James and Matt told everyone to leave and eventually left themselves after the cave entrance mostly collapsed.
  • They headed out of the escape tunnels and agreed to meet 24 hours later in a nearby town.
  • Instead, James climbed up to the top of the mesa and made his way above the cave entrance, at the same time Matt made his way along the base of the mesa to the cave entrance.
  • They both made it there to see a since Grey walk out wait for a few minutes and head back in when they could see two "drop ships" and two mecha flying in over the horizon.
  • The mecha spotted Matt trying to flee and James tried to lay down some fire to prevent Matt from being slaughtered.
  • The ensuing firefight left one mecha destroyed, the other badly damaged, one dropship disarmed, but both Matt and James unconscious.
  • James regained consciousness first and used his faith-healing to bring Matt (who had been bleeding to death) back around as well. The two then rode back into town badly injured to rest for the night.
  • The next day James was able to all but heal the two, and they went shopping. James obtained a buffalo rifle while Matt obtained a lot of dynamite. Who knows what they're planning next.

Session 5

August 16, 2009 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • James and Matt stayed in the nearby town waiting for contact from the resistance for about a week before getting a note on one of their beds reading "the water tower at midnight."
  • After a bit of debate about the probability of it being a trap, the two decided to go, but with James covering Matt as he went to meet whoever it was.
  • That night James took his position in the church bell tower and Matt climbed the water tower to find Joe—their resistance contact—who was more than a little freaked out. Joe said they had to get out of town and gibbered on about the horrible things the Greys had done to the people he escaped from the hideout with.
  • Joe was still yammering when as single bright laser-blast took off his head and much of the top half of his body.
  • The sniper quickly escaped from his roof hiding spot, but as he fled on horseback James shot out one of the horse's legs and Matt got another leaving the sniper stranded in the street.
  • James and Matt made short work of him, quickly knocking him unconscious, but the second he lost consciousness his body exploded in a ball of plasma knocking Matt back and leaving them with precious little information.
  • They did find a little black book on Joe's body before burying him. The last entry had a train, car number and crate number listed. The train was going through a station about two-days ride from where they were now and was conveniently departing in two days from the next morning.
  • The townsfolk came out to see what the commotion was and asked Matt and James to leave in the morning rather than cause any more trouble.
  • Upon arriving at the train station two days later the found that they were both on wanted posters with $500 on each of their heads. Everything went fine until the ticket taker recognized Matt as he was getting on the train.
  • The sheriff responded to cries for help and James and Matt were well behaved as they were escorted back to the lockup and held to be shipped out in a prison car coming through the next day.
  • They continued to be well-behaved until they were placed in the prison car under the guard of a US Marshall with a shotgun along with two prisoners that had black bags over their heads.
  • A few minutes out of the station, the guard left and the two other prisoners unlocked themselves and removed their bags revealing that they were in fact Greys.
  • Matt quickly ripped free of his shackles and engaged the Greys in a fight. The ensuing conflict went on to involve telepathic suggestion, electrokinesis, the guard coming back with his shotgun, a third Grey on the roof lobbing grenades in and a lot of James spazzing around in his shackles to touch and heal Matt.
  • In the end, James and Matt were in a rail car that had been largely ripped apart down to it's frame watching as the last surviving Grey and the rest of the train pulled away from them. At least they were lucky enough to be left with their personal effects and weapons, though not their horses.

Session 6

November 15, 2009 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • Matt and James find themselves in the middle of the desert and at least 100 miles from any civilization. After searching the detached rail car, the only usable salvage was a bundle of dynamite. Matt sees smoke off in the distance, and the pair decide to leave the rail car before something large and alien decides to attack them.
  • As they travel farther, they come upon a valley as the sun starts to set. James manages to use his modest survival skills to make a fire and cook what little food they can scrounge up. They pair decide to take watch in turns with James on first watch.
  • As James wakes Matt for his first watch after 4 hours, Matt wakes up and hears some howling in the distance. It sounds like its coming from multiple directions, and its getting louder. The pair decide to find a more defensible position and scout out for a cave or some other similar rock formation.
  • James happens to find a cave, and it becomes obvious that the howling noise is coming from inside the cave. The two decide that life's short, and why the heck not? and venture forth into the deep.
  • They encounter some glowing, fiery constructs that are vaguely humanoid. Matt punches these assailants, and it sets his clothes on fire. A combination of fists and bullets takes down the two constructions, which appear to be human skeletal remains wrapped around glowing lava. James manages to see small wisps of ethereal energy leave the bodies and drive down towards the cave and the howling.
  • The pair reach an intersection and take out three more constructions through a combination of surprise, pugilism, and buffalo rifle. Again, mist seeps from the bodies and heads deeper into the caves. The howling only gets louder as the pair descends deeper.

Session 7

November 22, 2009 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • Matt and James continue through the caverns until they are ambushed by a "shimmering light in the distance". This shimmering light attacked Matt and James with magical flaming arrows, and had the ability to partially resist conventional weaponry fire.
  • The deeper parts of the cave complex are riddled with lava traps that explode out of the fragile earth. Matt unfortunately gets caught in one of these and gets crisped within an inch of his life. Coincidentally, being bathed in lava is dangerous to both life as well as personal property. James manages to save Matt with some judicious faith healing. Matt's clothing, however, is a lost cause.
  • The pair get a few hours rest despite the large howling noise. After being fully healed and well rested, the two decide despite the hardships, it would be a shame to turn back now.
  • They pair reach the center cavern which houses a huge, 30 foot tall lava monster which was making the howling noise. It is surrounded by approximately sixty lava men/shimmering archers. Some robed figures lead a few human prisoners into the monster-thing in the center of the room.
  • Matt and James shouldn't try and sneak. They are horrible at it. They are immediately spotted, and are shot to within an inch of unconsciousness. They barely manage to escape the cavern alive.
  • The two start to travel through the desert wasteland vowing to return with reinforcements.

Session 8

January 24, 2010 (2 xp)
Matt, Cassidy and James

  • Cassidy had been watching the volcano with a small war-party of other Native Americans when she discovered that Matt and James had busted their way into it. She bode her time waiting for them to sleep for her to enter their dreams.
  • Having gotten out of the tunnels beneath what was some kind of volcano, James and Matt fled away from the tunnel and managed to find a place to camp. As they slept strange things began to happen.
  • As Matt drifted off he had dreams where there was a person that seemed familiar, but he had trouble placing her.
  • Eventually he realized that the person entering his dreams was Cassidy and the two were able to communicate the basics of what was going on before Cassidy said she was coming to find them.
  • James has a fevered dream during the night of being in a hellish wasteland while being pursued by demons. He had no guns, no supplies, but at least he managed to hold onto his clothing. At the end of the dream, he sees his eternal soul being devoured by the demon within the mountain.
  • Intervention from Cassidy likely saves James' life.
  • Cassidy takes Matt and James to her tribe. There the elders ask for their aid in vanquishing the demons. The pair say "yes" and "we were going to do it without your help anyways."
  • Matt makes his Liberator Shotgun (x2) and James goes to a mining town with Cassidy to obtain supplies. James asks Cassidy what happened to her revolvers and Cassidy responds with nonchalance.

Session 9

January 31, 2010 (4 xp)
Matt, Cassidy and James

  • James makes some small cash proselytizing in the nearby mining town. He uses the money to buy supplies and manages to have extra cash left over. The miners see James leave with mixed feelings (they want to keep him for his holy healing).
  • After two weeks, Matt finally finishes all of his guns, and modifies James' winchester to be a carbine.
  • The party gets together and goes to the demon mountain with the elders protected by village warriors. The ride to the mountain was uneventful.
  • Everyone enters the caves. During their entrance, the party gets separated from the elders via "cave in" that conveniently cuts the party into two groups. Cassidy communicates to the others with spirit walking, and the two parties decided to head for the center cavern.
  • Large magma demons are no match for bullets and arrows. Matt was frustrated since the demons were too hot punch.
  • A pitched battle in the center cavern pits James, Cassidy, and Matt against 4 large fire demons. Matt has the benefit of the Ghost Dance spell, and uses his temporary supernatural strength to fend off all 4 of the demons. Eventually, one does fall on him and Matt loses all his clothes to invoked combustion. James and Cassidy manage to kill the demon before mortal damage is dealt.
  • The elders finally summon several "Thunder Birds" to fight the demon and kill it. Everyone then uses the aid of the magical animals to safely leave the caves before they explode into an unnatural volcanic eruption.

Session 10

May 30, 2010 (3 xp)
Matt and Cassidy

  • James, Matt and Cassidy all flee the exploding volcano clinging to and/or riding on massive thunderbirds and head back toward Cassidy's camp.
  • Once they get close they see an exodus of a few hundred indians fleeing from the direction of the Deep Creek Indian reserve.
  • The combination of the volcano erupting, the refugees coming in and the raiding party coming back in on thunderbirds has everyone overstimulated to the point of numbness.
  • With the elders back and a victory to claim, a feast for the night is planned.
  • James sneaks off before the feast begins and when Matt and Cassidy go looking for him it seems as though he left to go to town for some supplies and information.
  • At the feast, the chief warrior of the Deep Creek tribe gets in a heated argument with one of the elders of Cassidy's tribe with the warrior calling for strike on the greys and the elder calling for a retreat to safer places.
  • Cassidy and then Matt step in managing to convince most of the people that the warrior doesn't know what's good for them, though 5 of his warriors wind up leaving with him.
  • The festivities continue and people relax a bit, but still not to the levels they were at before.
  • The next morning a white man is seen approaching on horseback. Cassidy and Matt ride out to meet him and he is bearing a message from James reading: "There are two men here in Humboldt Wells looking for you. You need to get the people moved. Also, I cold use your help."
  • Matt is convinced that something about the handwriting and language in the note indicates that something is wrong with James and they decide to set things in order and then head out after him.
  • Cassidy and Matt head back to make sure that the tribe is moving to a safer nearby location that isn't going to have greys crawling over it soon, but then set out to find out what became of James.
  • About halfway to Humboldt Wells, Cassidy catches the sight of the the slightest glint coming from behind a barrel in a ghost town at the old pre-railroad crossroads. She goes into dreamwalking to see what is going on and finds a samurai minus the armor plus some cybernetics lurking there.
  • She talks to him in his head, and he responds by freaking out and screaming "They've spotted us!"
  • Almost immediately a deafening crack sounds and Cassidy's horse (about a half mile out) falls over nearly dead.
  • Sniper battle between Matt and the sniper breaks out while Cassidy tries to distract the sniper who is hiding in a water tower and shooting out of a small hole. Matt is able to incapacitate the sniper just before the samurai charges him.
  • The samurai is able push away the barrels of Matt's shotgun for the first volley of 4 rounds, but the second volley turns him into paste before he could land a blow with his sword.

Session 11

July 11th, 2010 (3 xp)
Matt and Cassidy

  • Matt and Cassidy ride into Humboldt Wells looking for James, immediately head to the church thinking James would certainly have gone there, but come up empty-handed unless you count mildly annoying a priest as a positive thing.
  • Instead, they get a room at one of the local Inns and Cassidy enters the spirit realm to take a look around the town and see if James is, in fact, somewhere in the town.
  • On her sojourn, she notices a room where there is a laser weapon on the bed and a man making some effort to conceal his face where she would have sworn there were 4-5 men on her first pass through the room. Figuring bad things might be happening, she headed back to her body to warn Matt.
  • As Matt and Cassidy were discussing what to do, Matt heard a floorboard squeak followed by a "Shhhh".
  • Not one for being surprised, Matt kicked down the door and made short work of two of the 3 men in the hallway before one managed to put two bursts of laser fire into him and knock him unconscious.
  • Cassidy took over and stunned the remaining man, followed by slitting his throat.
  • When someone called up from below asking if things were OK, Matt said yes and asked them to meet him at the bottom of the stairs. He picked up a laser SMG and positioned himself at the top of the stairs.
  • When the first guy put his head around the corner, Matt fired and nearly killed him.
  • Then Matt moved down the stairs and used up the last of his loaded shotgun rounds to kill the first of the two men down there and finally punched out the last one.
  • The pair then went to get Matt much-needed medical attention from a doctor who did so on the condition that they leave and "stop telling stories about their paranoia". Matt got patched up enough to leave, but as they rode by the room Cassidy first noticed on their way out of town on their newly "liberated" horses, a voice spoke to them from everywhere.
  • A grey pyschically told them to keep their noses clean for two weeks and take the train to California and James would meet them there. Otherwise, he would be forced to rain down hell upon them and couldn't guarantee the safety of their friend.
  • Cassidy and he got in a pissing match with mental powers and Cassidy and Matt seemed to not take the offer. The grey spoke omenously and mentally attacked Matt even as the pair rode out of town.

Session 12

December 5th, 2010 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • Jackie shows up where Matt and Cassidy are camping out saying that he knows where James is being held and he has other key information they need to know.
  • He used the computer data that the group stole previously to get access to the Greys' planning information and he stumbled across two key things:
    • First, James was being held at a prison site a few days ride north of Humboldt Wells and he knew where and even had some fake identities to get them in if they were careful and a bit resourceful.
    • Second, apparently the Greys were transporting some incredibly important artifact from their ship along the trains to California and that's why they've been so intent on getting the group out of the way for a bit.
  • Jackie only had fake identities for two men, and she still needed more intelligence about the artifact and when it was going to be transferred, so he asked Cassidy to go scout the Grey ship and see if she could glean anything.
  • Meanwhile, Jackie and Matt headed north to break James out.
  • The prison was hidden in what was basically a hut, but once inside it was a giant futuristic, grey-metal interior reeking of the Grey.
  • Jackie made up some story about James needing to be transferred and so had the permanent guards start removing him from stasis.
  • They got into the prison with stolen IDs from guards and managed to avoid most scrutiny with a bit of fast talking as they got their way to where James was being held.
  • James woke up inside a room that was all exactly the same dark shade of blue and only as he came too did he realize that he was in a cell with walls and corners. A few minutes later, a rectangle in the wall started to glow and Jackie stuck his head in.
  • After a quick reunion and getting James some clothes, they group tried to head for the exit but not before an alarm sounded saying something about an unauthorized prisoner release.
  • The group fought their way out of the prison stealing laser rifles and SMGs from the guards along the way and surviving a nasty shootout in the entrance with guards in a sealed booth.
  • Just as they got to the surface though, they saw that they were not alone and that Grey mecha were approaching by air. James got reaquatinted with his buffalo rifle, but was too badly hurt to make effective use of it and handed it to Matt.
  • Matt quickly took down the grey armor and the group started to make a run for it before more reinforcements returned.

Session 13

March 20th, 2011 (3 xp)
Matt and James

  • Matt, James and Jackie have been on the run from Greys attempting to recapture James and punish the other two for their daring (and costly) rescue. They've only eaten cold food to avoid attracting attention with fire and have basically been eking out a somewhat miserable existence for a few days.
  • Cassidy interrupts one of Matt's dreams instantly making all the pretty burlesque wenches vanish from the tavern. She informs him that the device, whatever it is left a few days ago on an extremely well guarded train on its way to San Fransisco. She mentions it left with 4-6 flying mecha and was moving very fast passing through checkpoints without stopping. Also, the device was in a half-long train car because the car had only a facade of wood around a heavy metal interior.
  • Not to be deterred by the fact that it was very likely already passed them, James suggested the make with full speed to the Humboldt River railroad bridge. They arrive about 90 seconds before the train will be there and Matt is able to exploit his significant experience as a military sapper to quickly destroy the bridge sending the train careening into the remnants of the bridge and creating dust, smoke and steam cloud that rendered the area pure chaos.
  • Matt and James left Jackie in a safe place and were able to approach the short train car only to find it guarded by well-equipped guards with laser weapons who were occasionally firing on fleeing passengers if they got too close.
  • They charged in and were able to make short work of the guards on their side before 2 mecha landed on top of the car and 2 more landed on the far side. The fight turned to the worse with the mecha providing cover to get the device away from the train and grievously injure Matt before fleeing.
  • As the smoke and dust cleared, Matt and James discussed what was next with trying to deal with the now-lost device as well as what to do with a largely undamaged suit of grey power armor and an unconscious, but not dead grey inside it.

Session 14

July 17th 2011 (2 xp)
Matt and James

  • Matt and James kill the grey after extracting that the artifact is likely already on it's way to San Francisco. The mecha with the artifact flew west presumably connecting with the trains toward San Fransisco.
  • Unable to take the week or so that it might take to sufficiently repair the damage mech, Matt concedes to leaving it hidden some distance away from the train tracks and vows to return and make it work again.
  • Following the artifact, Jackie, James and Matt follow the railroad to the next town (about two days travel) where Jackie is able to telegraph contacts in San Francisco. He gets back information that they only person who has similar power to the Grey-backed government is a Chinese merchant by the name of Li Shin Bao.
  • Liu Shin Bao is enigmatic and little information beyond a reputation for being powerful and somewhat unsavory floats around about him. Rumors abound about everything from him running a slave trade to him being the reincarnation of old Chinese gods.
  • The group resolves to head out to San Francisco and stop the artifact from being used.

Session 15

January 8th, 2012 (2 xp)
Matt and James

  • Taking added care to not be noticed as wanted criminals, it takes Jackie, James and Matt the better part of a week to make it to San Francisco. Once there, they are somewhat blown away by all the hubbub after having spent years in the hinterlands.
  • Jackie goes to take care of a few things and find them a place to lay low.
  • In the meantime, James and Matt went to the docks to investigate what was coming and going and hopefully find a ship that might lead them to Liu Shin Bao. They were in luck and a ship labeled Han Zhang was the largest in the harbor.
  • After meeting up with Jackie again and finding their random hotel room deep in some seedy warren, James and Matt headed back to the docks late at night and broke into the harbor master's office. They went through his ledger, but found little of interest.
  • Switching gears, they climbed to the top of a warehouse and watched the Han Zhang. This proved more fruitful.
  • Around 4am, workers started unloading crates about 4 feet on a side and carrying them into the very warehouse who's roof Matt and James were atop. Matt also noticed that the crates seemed to move strangely as though something was moving inside them.
  • After nearly getting noticed while trying to get a better look, they pair waited until the activity died down and then went to investigate the warehouse. Instead they found a warehouse with nobody inside despite not having seen anyone leave.
  • Matt popped some of the floorboards up and looked around until he could see a secret staircase down. They then found the crate that was concealing the staircase and followed it down into a long tunnel. The tunnel forked once, but eventually lead to a room where somebody hear them coming and ordered them out.
  • After a bit of debate, Matt and James decided to not fight and instead demanded to be shown to Liu Shin Bao, and somewhat surprisingly were.
  • Tense negotiations where Matt nearly shot Liu Shin Bao for being a slave trader eventually led to an agreement where Matt and James would 'liberate' some of Liu's money that he had lost in a dead drop that the police blundered into and Liu would put out some feelers about the artifact.

Session 16

February 5th, 2012 (2 xp)
Matt and James

  • Matt and James leave Liu's hideout and scout out the sheriff's office where Liu's money is being held.
  • After a bit of scouting, they break in through a high-up window in the middle of the night. Despite being somewhat quiet, they get into a scuffle with sheriffs inside.
  • Matt and James (but mostly Matt) knock the sheriffs unconscious quickly, manage to find the money and flee just before the alarm is sounded.
  • The next day, they reunite Liu with his money and discover that a section of city hall and the archives in the basement have been closed off recently which is out of the ordinary.
  • Liu promises blueprints of city hall in the next few days while James makes thinly veiled threats about what might happen should Liu behave in a manner God would not find acceptable.
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