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  • Daniel Hunter (Chris): The youngest member of a Sol military family and respected military officer on assignment to the fledgling Concord.
  • Naomi Sendir (Andy): An Orlamu psychically-able spy embedded in events in the Verge to keep track of things.
  • Sylia Ellis (Jon): A private security consultant with psychic gifts for detection and predicting danger.
  • Daniel Hunter Jr (DZ): Vaguely resembles Chris's character


  • CSS Shrike: The ship which Daniel was given command of after the events at the Kendai relay station.
    • Ensign Drey Gerrin: The ship's executive officer, second in command, primary navigator and pilot.
    • Spaceman Eliza Barrons: The ship's communications expert.
    • Spaceman Terin Csapo: The ship's engineering/repair expert.
    • Spacemen Miranda Wu: The ship's weapons/defenses expert.
    • (See the Shrike's page for more details on crew members)


  • VoidCorp Sabotage (8/1/2010) Our heroes meet during VoidCorp's attempt to sabotage communication with the Verge.
  • Into the Verge (8/8/2010) The Monitor ventures into the Verge, and the crew of the Scout ship CSS Shrike scout the system known as Hammer's Star.
  • No Rest for the Weary (3/27/2011, 7/7/2013) The crew of the CSS Shrike are sent back to Aegis to deal with a significant new threat to the Verge.


Map of the Stellar Ring
Map of the Stellar Ring
The Verge
The Verge
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