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A feudal kingdom. Maybe some magic.



  • Thaddeus Hightower (Colin): A noble newly ascended after his father's death looking prove his town's worth.
  • Wilhelmina Quinn (Jon): A female ex-pirate who would never break anyone's fingers. Really.
  • Hei-Shen (Chris): An Armeki who has a mysterious past and a bit of wanderlust.


  • Jesebel Mann, daughter to the viscount of Glangann, married to Thaddeus Hightower
  • Steward: Logan Praig, age 55, had been steward under Rolston Hightower, Thaddeus' father, retains his old position


  • PL 3 without gunpowder technology
  • Three nations
    • Tir Ducainn is on a large island separate from the main continent and is ruled by a feudal society
    • Armeki is vaguely Asian in culture and is mostly controlled a pastoral society with isolated cities. Controls most of the land on the continent
    • Lundinia is vaguely roman in culture, ruled by a Senate, and spends a lot of its time fighting the Armeki.
  • Three duchies in Tir Ducainn:
    • we are under the Duchy of Kildarian. The other two duchies are Airgallan and Osmaig
    • Hayles family are the hereditary dukes (Rudolph and Christina)
    • Three sons serve as the counts and run the various counties
    • Count Harold serves over us (Godwin, Griffon, Harrold)
  • Thad is Mayor of a the town of Hightower
    • Most important responsibilities: provide food and iron and reap taxes
    • Hightower has a population of about 1,000 people
    • Has an armed guard of 50
    • Has a small retinue of 3 knights attached to the city
  • There is no Magna Carta

Rules and Notes

  • Starting at level 1
  • No magic or psionics allowed—at least at character creation
  • Characters get 3 free skill points to spend on languages beyond their native language

Normal Alternity Medieval House Rules

  • Progress Level: These rules are designed for PL2 (Middle Ages) and PL3 (Age of Reason), but should work for any other setting looking for some medieval feel.
  • Broad Skills: You get animal handling instead of vehicle op.
  • Mounts: A normal horse with relevant gear costs 250 Cr. A warhorse with relevant gear costs 1000 Cr.
  • Good/Amazing Weapons/Armor: Weapons and armor can be of good or amazing quality. The listed items in the Player's Handbook are assumed to be ordinary quality. Good quality costs 5x normal gets one of the following bonuses. Amazing costs 10x normal and gets two. Note that you can't take the same bonus twice (e.g. getting accuracy -2).
    • accuracy by –1
    • actions by +1
    • damage by +1
    • hide by +1
    • range by +25%
    • reload rate improvement (2 actions => 1 action => load/fire as one action)
    • LI/HI/En rating by +1 (improved individually)
    • AP by –1
    • weight by –25% (can be bought twice for –50%)
    • Note: certain items, e.g., the katana, are already improved quality and thus are limited in how they can be improved.


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