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  • Drevin: merchant trying to bring together a grassroots resistance to Ghent
  • Zander: 2nd-in-command of the Raven's Claw mercenaries. Older, more experienced soldier who is confident that his group will join Drevin's ragtag army.
  • Grant: 3rd-in-command of the Black Legion mercenary group. Black Legion mercenaries are known for being loyal only to money and enjoying the killing.



  • Ghent: Largest nation, ruled by somebody known only as "the emperor", increasingly belligerent, it seems as though evil dream magic is involved in his ascension
  • Allenrod:
  • Karod:
  • Ansen:
    • Kenton: Small, mostly farming village where our adventurers first found people on the continent



After having a shared dream in which a skeletal knight tried to kill them, Kenton and Mydia are both summoned to Kenton's monastery where they are told that they must go fulfill a prophecy to stop an evil empire from taking over the mainland. While there were supposed to be four heroes, but the skeletal knight managed to kill the other two in the dream world. They are lead into an underground chamber in a long-abandoned temple where they step into some kind of teleportation circle and are transported to similar—though largely ruined—temple in the middle of an empty grassland.


After scanning the horizon for something that looked like a sign of civilization, the pair find what they think is smoke on the horizon and head in that direction. After a day's travel, they can see that it is certainly smoke on the horizon, but they can't make it there by nightfall. The next afternoon, they walk into the town of Kenton and get some of their bearings as to the major nations. They still not altogether fitting in and people ask where they've come from and how they got such strange coins. They manage to mostly keep out of trouble except having to catch and turn in a would-be pickpocket.

Kenton and Mydia then begin to head west toward the nation of Ghent which seems to be the most likely candidate for being an 'evil empire'. Along the way they come to a small town where one patron in the inn pays them special attention. At first they give him a very cold shoulder, but after a bit they warm to him and wind up having good wine and food with him and his wife at their house. He reveals that he used to be a mercenary and thus had quite a bit of knowledge about the Island. Kenton and Mydia get lots of information and a basic map from him before leaving with a hot breakfast in their belly the next morning. (leveled from 4 to 5)


Continuing west, Mydia receives another dream-visit from the bone knight, but manages to flee his throne room and castle before waking up fatigued and a bit out of it. They realize that from now on they should sleep holding a weapon of some kind so they can better defend themselves in the dreams. They travel west—but still two days ride from Ghent—when they entering a small hamlet. They find a wanted poster of their faces plastered to the wall of one of the buildings showing a 2,000 gp reward for handing them over to Ghent. They make a meager attempt at disguising themselves, but a merchant recognizes them and asks for a private audience to discuss things.

Once in Kenton's room, they realize the merchant is no friend to Ghent and explain who they are and why Ghent wants them. The merchant then identifies himself as Drevin and says that he is working with some other merchant guilds, smaller nations and mercenary guilds to try to form a grassroots opposition to Ghent's aggressive moves of late. He says that he is going to a small gathering of like minded people the next day and invites Kenton and Mydia to come leaving it up to them whether they identify themselves as prophesied heroes or merely concerned citizens.


The pair decides to attend the meeting, but first scouts out the location. Finding that the meeting spot doesn't appear to be an obvious trap, they go to the meeting later and find that it's a few dozen people mostly nobles and merchants (the money) and mercenary representatives (the muscle). After watching how things go for a bit, somebody notices Kenton doesn't fit the bill—Mydia actually fits in fine as a merchant or noble—and comes over to chat a bit. The man introduces himself as Zander and inquires as to why Kenton is here. Kenton simply says that he's a warrior and leave it at that despite some more questions. Eventually Drevin gets over to them and Zander pledges his forces to Drevin for the agreed-upon fee, but Drevin bemoans the Black Legion's asking price being too high to be able to hire them. Figuring that since they didn't have money, the next two things the Black Legion would respect would be bravery and strength, Kenton challenges the Black Legion representative, Grant, to a duel. Kenton handily beats Grant who agrees to reduce his fee to half what he was previously asking. Drevin agrees and Kenton, Mydia, Drevin and Zander head to the bar for a well-earned drink.


Mydia and Kenton discover that they are being followed by somebody after the meeting and followed him to his house which had nothing of note in it save a warded—with evocation magic—trap door which they decided to not open for fear of blowing themselves up. They waited for him and confronted him only to have him deny that he knew anything and got angry and asked us to leave or he'd call the guards. They went back to the hotel and went to sleep.

They then had a strange semi-real dream where they could briefly interact with reality and people seemed to react to them for a split secondsnd, but then people seemed to think it was just their imagination and kept doing what they were doing. They mostly waited and did nothing eventually waking up.

The next day the same man as before was following them again while Mydia's raven could see him in his house doing nothing of note. Kenton decided to try to pick pocket the man and eventually decided to sick the guards on the man for following him last night (real) and for stealing from him (fake). While the guards were asking questions, Kenton tried to plant something on the man to set him up for stealing, but the head guard noticed and wound up arresting Kenton instead.

Unable to convince the head guard that things weren't hinky, Kenton found himself in jail. The head guard set his bail at double normal because he was "acting extremely strange", but Kenton agreed to pay it and was getting himself out of prison in a few days. Despite all this, Kenton and the head guard got to have some respect for each other along with a bunch of witty repartee.

That night, the same weird semi-real dream happened and Kenton found his way out of his cell. The guards were all absent except for split seconds where they seemed to react, but then vanished just as suddenly. Not knowing what else to do, he went out and found Mydia who was having the same experience. The two talked for a while, but then decided it would be best to return to their respective beds and try to sleep and wake up in the real world again. (leveled from 5 to 6)


Despite their best efforts to sleep in the dream realm and thus wake up in the real world, they are unable to do so. Instead they eventually go the house of the man who had followed them earlier and decide to open the trap door in the dream realm. They tie a rope around it and pull it open from afar resulting in an explosion that knocks out all of the windows, sets the house on fire and chars the man inside killing him instantly. The trap door is however open revealing a chest and some burning papers.

Mydia saves what she can of the papers putting them out with her cloak while Kenton opens the chest—which merely has abjuration wards on it. The now unlocked and opened chest contains a magical amulet and some papers in it. They flee the now very-much burning building with the loot. As Kenton picks up the amulet he feels a pulling on his mind, but is otherwise unfazed.

Before trying to go back to the real world once again, they steal a scroll of identify and discover that the amulet is an amulet of dreamwalking enabling normal people to enter the dreamworld for 8 hours while sleeping and shunting them back at the end. It should have no other abilities, but still has tinges of evil around the edges. Putting the amulet on, they both can now vaguely hear boots above them and a whispered conversation above them. They also find that the papers include troop movements for a future Ghent invasion of the town and surrounding areas as well as some legitimate trade and some smuggling. One paper is a letter from Ghent saying to use the amulet to contact them if needed.

They go back to their respective beds and try to sleep once again, but give up about 12 hours later. At this point the weather and apparent time of day—a muted cloudy noonish thing—haven't changed since they awoke in the dream realm. They meet up again and go to Delvin's house having nothing better to try. Once arriving they find no Delvin, but after being there for a few minutes Mydia feels as though her brain is trying to split in two and Kenton sees a spectral version of herself trying to escape.

Mydia immediately takes off the amulet and as she does it hangs in the air and Delvin appears. It seems as though he and the guards found the man's house and found him dead in it with seemingly no cause of death. (It appears as though death in the dream world means death in the real world as well.) Delvin also had a mage dispel the wards so that they could enter the basement and find the chest and papers. Delvin then took it upon himself to use the amulet and try to get to the bottom of things. Presumably when he tried to enter the dream realm, the fact that Mydia was wearing the dream realm version of the amulet caused the attempted split.

Mydia, Kenton and Delvin talk for a bit. Delvin expresses his dismay over their breaking, entering and apparent murder even though they did it in the dream realm and had no idea what would happen. He seems to not care too much since he was actually a Ghent spy though. They still can't really figure a way out for them, but they hope that in 8 hours time Delvin will wake up in the real world and can try to find Kenton and Mydia's real bodies and wake them up or at least send help through to the dream world on the next night.

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