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Ten years ago something came up from below. Each place it surfaced, it 'blessed' 4 adolescents with special abilities. In some cases they were able to push it back down from whence it came. In other cases, nobody knows what really happened. Now, it is trying to reclaim those it touched 10 years ago. This is the story of the three living members of one such circle.





Darkness Rising


Ten years ago, a group of four high school students suddenly developed strange powers and defeated a powerful demon that tried to destroy their small town in Maine and were officially declared dead as part of the government coverup. The three that survived, agreed they'd get back together where everything happened 10 years later. When they did, they were confronted by the ghost of their fourth member who begged them to come below to inherit their destiny from the demon that had blessed them with powers. Once figuring out that she was really crazy, the 3 said no and she attacked them. A battle ensued including the gargoyles of the church ruins coming to life and attacking the 3. At the end of the battle, their fourth member retreated back into the earth.

In the aftermath, they notice somebody watching them across the street and knocked him unconscious. They they found the man's truck and hotel room to look for clues. It seemed as though he was tied to some religious organization based out of Georgia that had been gathering information about similar occurrences that all happened exactly 10 years ago and then staking them out. Despite that, there was evidence that somebody else was stalking that organization.

Fairly soon, they found out who. As the followed their—now conscious—first stalker to his meeting with a superior a fiery angel flew from the sky and landed on the hood of the stalker's truck stopping it in it's tracks. The fiery angel then interrogated the man to find out where his meeting was then flew off again before the 3 could do anything about it. Despite speeding all the way there, it appeared as though the fiery angel beat them to the meeting. The 3 made a pincer move with Toshiro coming down from the roof, Magdalena shadowed her way in through the window and Max came in from below.

Once inside, things became a bit clearer. The fiery angel was with another person who seemed to have powers similar to Magdalena's and they were interrogating an old man. It turned out that there had been many events like theirs and they had all created groups of 4 that seemed to be demon-touched. Sometimes all four survived, sometimes none did. Afterwards, some groups seemed to be taking the demon up on his inheritance and turning toward evil. Others—like the fiery angel and his companion—were working to find those rogue groups and stop them.

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