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Zhou! Don't break pages in the future. --colin

Out of curiosity, what in the hell timezone is the history referencing? --jon

There's an option for you to set your time zone in the peferences. --colin

Who added the *discontinued/*completed and what's the rationale? Is there a tidier way we could add this information? Say a banner label on the top of it a la Wikipedia's "This does not cite its sources." ? -- jon

Me. I wanted to add some indication for why certain campaigns aren't on the side bar, and only on the main page. Only active campaigns should really be in the sidebar. -- DZ

It makes me sad that things are marked "completed" or "discontinued", I think just not listing them in the sidebar is fine. --colin

I'm fine with that. Completed and discontinued tags removed. Though, really, we shouldn't harbor any false hopes that the original Kelvin campaign is coming back :p --David

Well... it might be premature to say *never*. I might get the strange, totally crazy urge to do another one =P--Andy 02:57, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

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