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50-year-ago the first sizable space station was built at a Lagrange point between the earth and the moon billing itself as the gateway to the rest of the universe. That promise is about to come true.



  • Quinton Fullston (Colin): A fixer on The Launchpad. He'll make sure you get the most out of your visit.
  • Kevin Harway (Andy): A retired not-so-successful infantryman. Now a janitor on the The Launchpad.
  • Percy Linden (Zhou): A research scientist working on Project Starbridge.
  • Horace Saint Angelo (Chris): An ex-military mechanic, now part of the more advanced mechanics on the The Launchpad.


  • Mr. Winston: A smarmy guy who goes around the station causing trouble.
  • Lawrence Zerger: A super-rich man who's company Lawrence-Wells is the dominant private sponsor of both The Launchpad and Project Starbridge.
  • Mr. Whites: Lawrence Zerger's lead assistant.
  • Johnson: Percy's direct supervisor.
  • Jim: The head of security, who briefly detained Horace for firing randomly down a hallway and then questioned him about others who failed to show up.


  • The year is 2102
  • Fusion power has been stable for ~50 years
  • Work on building The Launchpad started soon after.
    • Billed itself as the gateway to the rest of the universe.
    • Was dogged by problems of poor management and deep losses for 40 years.
    • 10 years ago, it was "rebooted" with a new company funding it as part of a public-private partnership.
    • It became a truly important trading point between everywhere in the solar system.
    • 2 years ago, the station was opened to the public. Anyone can book a trip up if they have the money.
    • The place is now a few thousand people, on the same scale and feel as a small town at a highway interchange in the middle of nowhere.
  • Project Starbridge is a semi-secret project happening on The Launchpad
    • With a bit of persistent poking and inferring, it's pretty clear that this has to do with space travel—probably faster-than-light.
    • With a bit more, it's pretty clear that this is the real reason The Launchpad exists.
  • There are meaningful colonies on the Moon and Mars
    • Less meaningful ones on Venus, in the asteroid belt, on moons of Jupiter and the like

Rules and Notes

  • PL6, but most things are PL5
  • No cybertech, FX or mutations
    • cybertech exists, but mostly as prostheses and probably more flaw than perk
  • 57 ability points



  • We are 2 days before the first demonstration of Project Starbridge.
  • Lawrence Zerger is coming and he’s having Quinton set things up for his visit.
  • Percy is getting the demo up and things go weird, equations turn to weird script, etc.
  • Kevin sees things flutter around one of the rooms he’s cleaning and then disappear.
    • It turns out that room is the room which Lawrence Zerger will be staying
  • Horace is out repairing something on the hull of the station and find some goo clogging a vent.
  • He has a shape knocking him around and goes into the vent.
  • The goo is sent to the eggheads and turns out to have cuneiform in it at the almost molecular level.
  • After seeing the goo, Percy seems to be able to understand the weird language which is muttered in the background.
  • Project Io, which is the thing that rips the hole in spacetime, starts glowing and draw more power
  • Portal going to be opened to jupiter


  • There's a lot of of power couplings failing seemingly from more power draw than was expected from project starbridge.
  • Many visits from a strange man named Winston with a refined southern drawl.
  • He gives them some hints about what's going on, but nothing directly.
  • Quinton manages to find some loose details about the Alaska event based on flashbacks they have from touching each other.
  • Horace encounters a maintenance worker who stares blankly as we walks at Horace. Horace eventually fires at him and each shot results in a hole to the void being opened instead of a bullet wound.
  • He is briefly detained by security and slapped on the wrist for having a handgun that security wished he hadn't. There was no footage of anything he was shooting at, though it could have been because the angles were wrong. He was eventually released, but without his gun.
  • Quinton manages to get guns/weapons for everyone given events seem to warrant it.

  • They all go to what was supposed to be Zerger's room and find a thing that looks a lot like Zerger, but it actually kind of spongy.
  • While they were look around a shadow flitted into the Zerger thing and it slowly animated himself.
  • A fight ensued where it beat the crap out of the party for a while until they managed to subdue him and he spun off into oblivion/void like the person that Horace had fired on previously.
  • They looked in the room behind Zerger's room which had a big circle set up. Trying to cross the circle results in pain and shocking. Andy
  • They found a book in the same language that Percy had seen his equations turn into and seen at the cellular level in the goop which Horace brought in.
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