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The mist-shrouded valley containing the village of Barovia.
The mist-shrouded valley containing the village of Barovia.



  • Ivan Kashchei (Andy): A shapeshifting ranger who likes to hunt monsters. He'll probably turn into one sometime or another.
  • Varian Damodred (Chris): - He smolders with generic rage.
  • Izabel (Jon): Vistani traveler. That's all you need to know.


  • Krezk
    • Burgeonmaster Ivan Watcher: Burgomaster of Krezk who studied in Dementlieu and is generally popular, open-minded, fair and generous.
    • Jacqueline Montarri: Leader of Red Vardo Traders—an ostensibly legitimate trading guide, but mostly a thieves guild.
  • Barovia
    • Ashlyn: Pious Templar and Lightbringer of the Morninglord; seeks to destroy all undead
    • Keeva Sixtywinters: Leader of the Keepers of the Black Feather; looking to subvert Strahd in any way possible
    • Ismark the Lesser: Son of the late Burgomaster of the village Barovia and his heir
    • Lord Kavan the Grim: Somebody who should by all accounts be dead after Varian literally punched his face in. Now one of Count Strahd von Zarovich's lieutenants.
    • Irena Kolyana: Adopted daughter of the late Burgomaster and possibly Varian's bride
    • Madam Eva: Fortune teller and leader of the Vistani of the village of Barovia.


The valley containing the village of Barovia.
The valley containing the village of Barovia.



The 5 most common languages (Taken from the Ravenloft 3.5 PHB p36) are:

  • Balok: spoken in Barovia and probably the one language you should all know. The closest thing to a trade tongue that Ravenloft has. Based on Romanian.
  • Darkonese: Probably not terribly relevant, but is the language of the largest realm. Darkon is known for being particularly friendly (for Ravenloft) toward non-humans and magic users. Based on Latin.
  • Mordentish: The high-society language, the language of reason, philosophy and literature. It's actually split in two and based on French (High Mordentish) and English (Low Mordentish).
  • Vaasi: A harmonious and gentle to the ear language used in some religious rites and favored by Bards. Spoken widely nearby, but not in Barovia.
  • Draconic: Still used as the primary language of magic, but not actually spoken.

The other languages of note are:

  • Patterna: spoken by the Vistani.
  • Luktar: Spoken by ethnic Gundarakites (once a separate kingdom, now oppressed with some rebels) in Barovia.
  • Falkovnian: Spoken in the militaristic nation of Falkovnia and also nearby regions.

For other languages, these two sites seem to do a decent job explaining things.


  • Bodies in the Hunting Lodge (10/17/2010): Our heroes meet each other on a trip to a mountain hunting lodge.
  • Over the Mountains (11/21/2010): Beleaguered by bad weather and harrowing visions and almost-heard whispers, our heroes cross the mountains following their quarry.
  • Whetting the Pallet (10/16/2011): The group is able to find the source of at least some of the drought and put an end to it.
  • Man up a Tree (11/6/2011): Traveling back after completing their task, the party gets ambushed in the woods.
  • Den of the Beast (3/4/2012): Attempting to decode the note they found, the party goes deep into the lair of the Red Vardo Traders.
  • Toward the Shrouded Throne (3/11/2012): A confluence of information points toward the village of Barovia, so the party heads for the mist-shrouded throne of the realm.
  • Into the Mist (3/25/2012): Upon arriving in the village of Barovia, Izabel and Varian find it under siege from an oddly-rampant werewolf infestation.
  • Trapping the Wolves (4/15/2012): The group does some investigating and then defeats what seems to be the source of the infestation in town.
  • The Fog Clears (4/29/2012): After defeating the unholy source of the infestation, the group is accosted by what turn out to be allies with information that only deepens Barovia's mysteries.
  • Secrets Merging (7/8/2012): Investigating a few of the new mysteries seems to show connections that don't solve the mysteries, but start to make sense.
  • The not-so-Calm after the Storm (7/15/2012, 9/23/2012): As return to some semblance of normal, the party realizes that normal isn't all that reassuring in Barovia.
  • Progress at Last (10/14/2012): Ashlyn allies herself more closely with the party and they make some progress after consulting Madam Eva.
  • Collecting a Relic (1/27/2013, 2/17/2013, 2/9/2014): After recovering a first artifact of power, Varian and Izabel seek a second.
  • An Invitation You Can't Refuse (3/9/2014): The heroes return to the village of Barovia to receive an unwelcome invitation to dine at the castle.
  • Beyond the Veil (12/13/2015): In searching for and find Izabel, Ivan and Varian help her to activate the Sunsword.
  • Enter Strahd (11/27/2016): Despite their discomfort, the heroes accept Strahd's invitation to dinner and accept his invitation to be his guests at the castle.
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