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The primary unit of measure for power, for honor, for nobility, for peasantry, for any station in life is wealth. The collection of gold, jewels, and things of material value.


The single most important thing to an Opaline.

Merchants and Mercenaries

There are two important categories of people in Opal: that of the merchant, and that of the mercenary. All others are peasants, farmers, nameless and stationless members of society.

To be called a "Merchant" or "Mercenary" is to be honored. Used as part of titles: "Merchant Magnate Toutak".


Honored members of society who do not wander the Milieu, but yet possess wealth, power, and authority. There are four main houses which control the mercantile markets though two of them dominate the others at least in terms of conglomerated power.

  • Silverman: One of the big two.
  • Donovan: One of the big two.
  • Gemstone: More of a loose conglomeration of merchants than a true centralized house.
  • Shepherd


People who wander the Milieu.

Common folk

They live their lives as they can, hoping above all to be left alone in peace.


The reach of Opal during its height was such that the Opaline method of commerce and business is still in practice today. Though greatly diluted from its original form, experts are able to trace back its roots to the wealthy city.


  • Nailo (Colin): A half-elf wizard and merchant perpetually stuck between worlds, but making an impact by bringing them together.
  • Vahn Raelthorne (Chris): Ex-scion of the Donovan house, now a caravan guard and hero known for his valor and strength.

Opaline Folktales

The Merchants of Opal

The Butcher of Cromwell

The Hero of Hillcrest

The Exorcist Knight and his Flying Mount

The Dragonslayers of Greyhall

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