Observation Log: X27 (Nathan Moss)

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Observation Log (Project: Zone of Control)

Subject Name: X27 (formerly Nathaniel Moss)
Age: 15
Height: 6'
Weight: 135
Blood Type: O Negative

Overview: Subject X27 is a human male of slightly above average height, pale complexion, and slender build. He is one of the two surviving subjects of an experiment to artificially produce a Zoner-class parapsychic. His abilities are classified as 3rd Order, Environmental, specialization Gravikinesis.

Observation: Mental Status and Cognitive Ability

X27's cognitive abilities are above-average, in roughly the 75th percentile. He is an adept reader, good with math, and generally competent and intelligent. He has some minor creative talent, and is a reasonably adept sculptor, though he seems to have developed some sort of nerve damage or perhaps some form of conversion disorder that has shut off all physical sensation. As a result, he has adapted to using his para-psychic abilities to sculpt, a process we have been encouraging.

His social faculties started out roughly on par with those of the other test subjects, but it appears that our treatments and procedures to enhance his abilities are having the undesired side effect of psychological damage. He is slowly withdrawing from the other subjects, gradually decreasing his interactions with them and sealing himself off. This is a worrisome tendency, but not entirely unexpected or harmful to the project.

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