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Dramatis Personae

Player Characters

Player Character Description
Chris James Whitfield Gunsmith, Locksmith, Father of 2
Zhou Father Joseph Derelict preacher
Colin Henrik Njalsson EMT, street racer, fight clubber

Non-player Characters

Character Description
Claire "To spill the blood"
Seo Evil old god
Father General Seo's first avatar
Valentine Seo's second avatar


Spooky things started happening.

Spooky Things

The night started off with a trip to a domestic disturbance where a man had been clubbed in the head with a frying pan by his wife after 10 years of happy marriage. On the way out there were 3 predatory looking figures in the apartment across the way.

Later that night I went down to a fight-club in the Burn Ward where I squared off against Valentine—the ugliest, most tree-like guy I had ever seen—and lost. Badly. He was smiling in an animalistic way. Nearby somebody named "father general" was leading a "sermon" when was suddenly lit up with floodlights.

Joseph was approached and told he should go start to volunteer at a church shelter and soup kitchen on the edge of the burn ward.

The preacher and I met by the now darkened stage of Father General, encountering decrepit old people on the way, who when they touched us gave us a vision of three people and a dog surrounding a woman in a pool of blood. Superimposed on James's and Henrik's vision was a flaming symbol of a circle with a upside-down cross and a few other embellishments.

James was offered a weird clockwork contraption that seemed to be supposed to form something, but was broken to fix by a Mr. Harker. After several hours of working on it, he took it apart and started to catalog the gears. When finally done, the gears fluctuated until they doubled in number and upon reassembling them the device worked and turned into a pyramid teleporting his presence a few hundred feet above the burn ward. James could see a bird's-eye view of the burn ward and the sermon snapping occasionally to the other two characters. James also received his visitation from a decrepit old person who gave him his vision.

Later on, after receiving his second thousand dollars from Harker, James was left confused and gifted with the clockwork pyramid. Having been paid for the first time in a while, James went out to get some real groceries and take care of expenses. While at the store, he ran into and recognized Father Joseph and the two exchanged strange greetings before going back to the shelter, where Henrik soon showed up as he and the preacher agreed the night before.

//Visit the old apartment, meet Winston//

While the three were dwelling on their situation they saw a girl they recognized walk into the shelter to get soup. A little talking later made nothing better as she set off into the burn ward passing through a wall of people, chief among them Valentine.

A bit of canvassing the burn ward and a somewhat revealing talk with Winston later //finds out about relation to Alaska//, Henrik returned to meet the other two at the shelter. They went back, now all together, to be let through and introduced to Father General. A little posturing and talking later, Father General had a bullet about the same size as Jame's gun barrel in his heart and the storm was upon them.

The Storm Begins

The corpse of Father General vanished replaced with an everflowing pool of blood. Almost before the bullet hit, James was running for the shelter back toward his car to get back to his sons now alone in a world being rent asunder. Joe and Henrik were not far behind, but paid a little more note to the totally empty streets.

The Preacher and Henrik made it back to the Shelter in time to see James's car pulling away toward his house at near-breakneck speed. The two followed back to James's house with Henrik somehow "sensing" the right directions to go. They pyramid which James's sons had built was knocked down on the floor, but they were completely fine. Winston appeared and after a conversation he offered to bring any person James wanted to watch his kids while the group went to find Claire.

Saying that he was the only person he trusted with his kids, James looked on in awe as he stepped out of himself and went upstairs to take care of his kids. Some quick observation seemed to show that the doppleganger was, in fact, acting just like James would and the group set out to find Claire.

Again on the way to Claire's Henrik "sensed" the way ending up parking in front of a house with Claire standing in the doorway despite never having been there and having to navigate the maze-like burn ward to make it there.

After entering the house, Claire activated the clockwork pyramid which then sank into the floor. A voice said "To find the path. To find the key. To open the lock. To spill the blood." Somehow referring to Henrik, Joe, James and Claire respectively. Claire then led the group to meet her father who gave them a series of pieces of advice including that they visit Father General's library before activating an apparently final part of the ritual and fading into non-existence.

The group waited in the basement at Claire's advising until the ritual had completed and then the group set out for Father General's. Just outside the door, James's car had been all but completely destroyed and disassembled. Upon setting out, it became clear the group was not alone, even before Claire pointed out that "the children of Seo have awakened." On the way, the group encountered the first child of Seo who threw a hubcap from James's now destroyed car at them. Throwing the hubcap back at the child, Henrik managed to knock the creature down from it's 3rd story roof and began to investigate it until it woke up again and began to attack. More than a few punches and revolver rounds later, Henrik and James managed to knock the creature down in a more permanent fashion.

Much to his annoyance, Henrik discovered that he had no sense of which way to go and Claire simply commented that he had "found his last path." Despite many unnerving noises, screams and even sometimes looks, the group made it to the back entrance to Father General's house and entered. After climbing one staircase, they were face to face with an amazingly beautiful and well built man smiling at them. When he spoke the voice was familiar, but it was only after a few seconds that Henrik was able to place it as that of Valentine. Valentine said something about Seo's rise and ultimate domination before lunging at the group. //Did Claire ward the place at this point?//

He hit like a jackhammer and took hits like a tree. The man just refused to go down. He took repeated body blows from Henrik's brass knuckles and more impressively took several bullets from James's revolver. Finally James managed to land a clean clear shot into Valentines left lunch and he just smiled back at them, sucking wound and all and said that it was no matter and that he and Seo would rise before turning into a dark viscous liquid the color of seawater at midnight and seeping through the floor.

The group continued to explore the house, splitting up. Claire and Henrik headed straight for the Library while James and the preacher went to search the rest of the house for anything that might be useful.

In the Library a quick scan of the hundreds, if not thousands, of books lining the walls yielded perhaps half a dozen reference tomes of use and one journal. A quick read through the journal gave the clues of Father General's descent into madness. He carefully explained his days in seminary and his successive dropping out because of what appeared to be a drug addiction, though to drug which Henrik had never heard of. One of the tomes outlined the details and meanings of the ancient language which Seo, Father General and his flock used occasionally. While reading through and finding the language coming to him far faster than he might have imagined and even liked, Henrik saw the lights flicker for a second and turned to see two statues which were not there when he walked in.

In the pursuant fight against the creatures of gelatinous flesh and muscle, Henrik got the clear sense that they were trying to capture him, not kill him. Regardless he was not about to let that happen and managed to beat them off, though only with the help of Claire who was letting an alarming amount of her blood which was seeming to slow and hinder the creatures. Once the creatures were defeated, Claire drew a warding mark in her own blood on the wall just as James and Joseph were returning from exploring the rest of the house and having a few encounters of their own.

In exploring the rest of the house Joseph and James had run into flesh-monsters of their own impersonating James's son and Joseph's late wife. In between being attacked and scared nearly to death the pair found a hunting rifle and some ammunition which they correctly labeled "useful." They managed, with effort to fight them off and make it up to the top of the house where Father General's bedroom was. Looking around they found very little other than some candles and a journal in a language they had never seen before.

Inside the library, Henrik had managed to piece together a very rudimentary understanding of the ancient language, just enough to make his brain feel extremely dirty and understand the basic gist of sentences and statements. On the other pair's return, he helped translate the journal which chronicled Father General's thoughts after his descent into madness. It spoke of him using candles to travel to the old sanitarium and speak with a man who gave him great wisdom there.

The Preacher lit the first candle. He immediately slumped over unconscious. Henrik snuffed the candle and Joe woke up once more describing an open view of a much older version of the room they were in and a sphere around it with many many creatures banging on the sphere looking to be let in. Deciding that traveling through the spirit world where the Children of Seo did not need hosts to attack them would be a really bad idea, they instead decided to try and make it to the Sanitarium in the real world.

Moving back toward the shelter and the only place where they knew there would be working cars, the group discovered that the entire outside of the shelter was now overrun with Seo's children and getting a car would be difficult. It was clear they needed a distraction, but it was Claire who gave them what they needed. She explained that her blood was not only capable of repelling them but also attracting. She bled some of her blood into a cloth and handed it to Henrik. Screaming and waving the cloth Henrik attracted the attention of the creatures and set off running while Joseph, James and Claire went to hotwire a car.

While running around with creatures chasing him, Henrik took a detour through a hardware store to pick up a crowbar and through a gun shop grabbing the biggest shotgun, biggest pistol and as much ammo as he could while not being eaten by disfigured, backward humanoid creatures. Running back toward the now-started car with one creature right on his heels. Running straight at the car and diving out of the way at the last minute, James managed to hit the creature leaving it limp on the ground. With several other creatures still following the car, Claire cried out "Idiot!" and took the cloth from Henrik flinging it out the window to be converged upon by a half-dozen of Seo's children.

The next stop was James's house where the stairs had been knocked out and several corpses of creatures were lying around. Very little of use was left around as though an intelligent, resourceful man had taken what was useful upstairs to protect his children. Confident that James's children were fine, the group left for the Sanitarium.

Arriving at the Sanitarium and not seeing any evil creatures the group headed in only to find that the whole place was abandoned as it should have been and there was no way to get to the second floor. The Preacher lit a candle agreeing that Henrik would snuff it out in 3 minutes. When they snuffed he candle, the Preacher's body vanished. A few seconds later they heard him calling down to them from the second floor saying that he had found what must be the man in a cell on the second floor. Using rope and some elbow grease the group made it up to the second floor to the physically empty cell Joseph was taking about. The Preacher was also intent on telling them that the top of the head of a huge creature, presumably Seo, was rising out of the lake in the spirit world.

Seeing writing in the ancient language on the walls of the cell too faded to read, Henrik decided to go to the spirit world this time in the hopes of reading the writing and maybe talking to the guy. Once there Henrik found both the writing and the man to be totally insane and basically completely useless save the phrase " stop the flesh to spill the blood to seal the spirit to stop the flesh..." which was repeated in the writing and the man repeated several times. Five minutes later, Joseph and James brought him back with annoyingly little more information and convinced there wasn't going to be much else useful from the man here.

Looking to more productive things, the group turned their attention to the head of Seo now rising out of the center of the lake. Finding a boat some ways down the shore, the group set out into the storm and toward where Seo's head was rising in the spirit world. Once there, Joseph lit a candle and was quickly shunted back out of the spirit world without the candle being snuffed in the physical world and complaining about a headache. //Somebody that knows what happened inside Seo's head will have to fill this in//

It was about this time that Claire passed out due to blood loss, though Henrik swore up and down that she couldn't have lost enough blood to be that far gone and something else must be going on. It was that thought that gave him his first understanding of the phrase the old man kept saying. He didn't quite know how, but he knew it had to be it. Claire's life and her blood were leaking out and fueling Seo's rise. He knew it. And if that was true the phrase must mean that killing Claire and letting her blood would stop Seo, as unspeakable an option as it sounded.

Eager to avoid having to kill a small child, Henrik tried to summon Winston. With no response, the group figured it had to be the proximity to Seo and headed back toward shore. Once there Henrik summoned Winston and traded his motorcycle and his ability to ever ride one again to know how to stop Seo without killing Claire. The answer was simple, but not at all what he wanted to hear. They would have to free Winston from the bindings which held him and were supposed to hold Seo in place, just as Father General was trying to free Seo.

Not seeking to trade one incredibly powerful ancient god trying to take over the world for another, Henrik resolutely slung claire over his shoulder and headed back toward the boat not stopping to listen to the complaints and urgings to stop coming from the Preacher and James. With some last minute negotiations with Winston falling through, James and Joe ran toward the boat to join Henrik. They rowed out toward where they knew Seo to be in silence. Henrik held claire over the side of the boat, took his knife, closed his eyes and slit her throat. Immediately strange things started happening with weird lights and then the storm started to clear. //I don't remember exactly what happened as far as flavor text. Jon, fill this in?//

On the way back, Joseph jumped into the water and started swimming for the bottom trying to drown himself. James jumped in after him and managed to pull him into the boat but soon after that he felt a tug at his belt and turned around to find that Henrik was missing most of the back of his skull and had James's revolver in his mouth.

In the spirit world, Henrik was met by the Preacher who told him just how stupid he was and told him that if he fucking did that again there would be hell to pay. He also talked to winston briefly who said, "I like you kid. You didn't do what I wanted and now I have to go find another group to get the ending I need, but I still like you. Do me a favor though? Try not to let anyone know that I can raise the dead." With that, Henrik woke up in the boat coughing and felt all that he had lost about how to ride motorcycles coming back.

At this point Joseph looked around with a confused look and asked where he was and what he was doing. Realizing the trade he must have made, Henrik simply said "Joe, we have a lot of talking to do."

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