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  • Alaska Reboot: Something is wrong in Deadhorse, AK
  • Corporate Ladder: In 2075, everyone tries to climb the Corporate Ladder.
  • Dark•Matter: Stranger than fiction
  • Drakaard: In Soviet Russia, dragon eats you!
  • Eldritch Society: Try not to lose any body parts to the eldritch horrors.
  • Exalted: Strange happenings in Chiaroscuro
  • Exemplar: Because I feel like running a superhero game.
  • Iron Kingdoms: Where magic is largely replaced with absurdly complicated mechanika.
  • Mysterium: Our party totally isn't gonna kill each other.
  • Ravenloft: The name is self-explanatory.
  • Space Station Horror: Because ripping holes in space time is always a good idea.
  • Tir Ducainn: Where you're only a noble if you enjoy breaking people's fingers.
  • Verge: You will get me a taco.
  • Weird West: It ain't weird 'til skinny gray midgets start sticking things up your ass.


  • Almadel: There's nothing like religious war in the Northwest.
  • Aristotle: Space Opera, hopefully minus the opera.
  • Asylum: It's not just for crazies anymore.
  • Avalon: Chris's campaign, with death-dealing robot slaves.
  • Bizarro!kelvin: When evil people are evil during the crusades.
  • Circles: 10 years ago, something made the special. Only now are they finding out the cost.
  • Cthulhutech: Mecha, living mecha, bug aliens and lovecraftian monsters. What could be better?
  • Daedulus: A colony ship on its way...somewhere.
  • Detecthulhu: Because it's only fun if your own kind turns on you as well as the high-tech bug aliens.
  • Frontier: Bounty hunters.... IN SPAAAAAAACE...
  • Modern Fugue: Because the modern world isn't quite good enough without awakening ancient dragons.
  • High Seas: Water, water everywhere. Oh, and a flesh-eating water elemental.
  • Opulence of Opal: Money is the root of all evil. Dragons are the root of all money.
  • Sanitarium: A reboot/re-imagining of Asylum
  • Unforsaken: Where a time's spirit has been so utterly crushed that they must call on heroes from other times.
  • Winter: Humanity has brought down the coldest, cruelest winter upon it's own head . . . will it survive to see the spring?


  • Acervus: Cityscapes, yay!
  • Garr Kelvin World: The original, the Iconics, the utter brokenness.
  • Island: That guy is a total prick!
  • Needle: Because your choices aren't hard enough unless you're killing little girls.

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