Kendrick Wyatt

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Kendrick Wyatt

Race Human
Class Scout 6/Fighter 2/Dervish 2
Alignment Neutral Good
Gender male
Deity Plains
Age unknown
Height unknown
Weight unknown
D&D 3.0/3.5 Build
Strength 19 (boosted at levels 4 and 8)
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10
HP 60
AC 18
Base Attack +8/+3
Fortitude +6
Reflex +11
Will +8
Speed 40

Skills: climb 2, craft (weaponsmith) 9, disable device 3, hide 11, jump 5, knowledge (nature) 5, listen 13, move silently 11, perform (dance) 9, ride 2, search 11, speak language (earthen), spot 13, survival 11, tumble 9
Feats: Weapon Focus (armblade), Two-Weapon Fighting, Dodge, Track, Mobility, Combat Expertise, Improved Skirmish, Two-Weapon Pounce



He came to slowly and painfully. Something was on his back, his throat hurt and it was dark. Suddenly it all came rushing back. The clashing metal, the burning houses, the charging horses. The battle had not been going well, the village was all but lost. He ran into his house. Clara! His children!

The sudden focus helped him push himself free of the rafters which had fallen on him. Just about everything hurt. When he was standing the fullness of the situation dawned on him. A light rain was falling on on the burned ruins of what was once Greenford. He started tearing throw the ruins of his house fearing what he could find, but knowing he had to. He found Jana first, then Sam, then Clara. Together, all motionless, not breathing. Somewhere he knew there was nothing he could do, but he kept trying to breath life back into them, giving up only when the tears brought too much ash into his eyes for him to stand the pain, never mind see.

Screaming into the night yielded no response, he was the only one left. He screamed until he couldn't and cried even after no tears came before falling into a heap atop the ashes of what was his house. He awoke with dawn, his throat parched in addition to being coated in ash. He found the shovel in the ruins of the shed and started digging. Three respectable graves. Three wooden markers. Three buried loved ones. He had nothing left.

During the night he heard footsteps around the burned husk of Greenford and snuck out to take a look. When both he and the people realized that the others were not Etherians they relaxed their guards a bit. As it turned out, this was a group of scouts and guerillas, who tracked Etherian troops and tried to warn villages like his in advance. This time they were too late.

With nothing else left for him, Kendrick left with the guerillas in the hope of at least preventing what happened to him from happening to others. He trained with the guerillas and learned how to do what little they could do against the Etherians. Mostly what they did was track troop movements and alert towns when an Etherian raiding party was headed their way. Occasionally they were daring enough to skirmish against small groups of Etherians to give whatever settlement they were descending upon more time.

Learning more and more of his fighting style, Kendrick used his smithing knowledge from the farm (as well as a lot of trial and error) to create a pair of weapons which he called armblades. The curious weapons let him fight while constantly moving and spinning, allowing him many options for how to attack and parry. At this point, all Kendrick's weapons, but his adamant dagger are of his own workmanship. Even with the adamant dagger he added serration to one side so that it could serve as a super-hard hacksaw as well.

Kendrick quickly became one of the most effective guerillas. Despite the fact that they hadn't had anything they could really call a victory, it seemed as though they had collected more expertise in tracking and skirmishing against the Etherians than was needed in the area. The top guerilla lieutenants were each sent to different areas to set up new guerilla cells. With a distributed network for gathering intelligence and more manpower, hopefully it will be possible to eventually turn the tides in this battle.

Family History

The Wyatt's were a moderately successful merchant family who had a good reputation until the Etherian invasion. Like most other profitable ventures, they were approached by the Etherians and made an offer they could not refuse. Despite their opposition to the Etherians, they were one of the first groups to publicly side with the Etherians and their reputation suffered badly. Unfortunately, the success they had been promised turned into ruin as people would refuse to deal with them. Unlike today, when people's spirits have been crushed, just after the invasion people were willing to try and boycott organizations and businesses seen helping the Etherians.

The family eventually liquidated what wealth they had left and purchased enough farmland to sustain themselves and make a passable living. As a child, Kendrick was told stories about the past glory and mistakes of the family.

Current Motivations and Goals

Kendrick recently arrived in Tyr with not a ton of great ideas how to go about setting up a new guerilla cell. In the short term, he was looking to find like-minded individuals who he could trust and rely on to help extend his resistance network. Fortunately, he has had some luck already. In his first few days he encountered Caliburn Myrddin, a curious Nephilim priest who seemed just crazy enough to be a good partner in crime. Also, he has just caught wind of an already existing minor resistance movement and hopes to perhaps join forces with them.

In the longer term, Kendrick wants to make the Etherians pay for the harm they caused him and his family and ensure that they are prevented from repeating those atrocities. In the longest term, he would like to push the Etherians off of Teralya, but even with his determination it seems unlikely that he'll see that day.

Noteworthy Equipment

  • Weapons
    • Shock & Awe (+1 shocking burst armblades/scimitars)
    • masterwork armblades x2 (statistically, just scimitars)
    • adamant serrated short sword (hacksaw) [in booth sheath]
    • masterwork mighty composite longbow (18 strength)
    • masterwork silvered short sword [in quiver sheath]
    • masterwork dagger [in wrist sheath]
  • Armor
    • mithral shirt
    • mithral dastana
  • Miscellaneous
    • masterwork weaponsmithing tools
    • climber's kit
    • spyglass
    • light warhorse
    • brass dragon scale (from Cory)


"People like me do not die quietly of old age in a bed. My quest will surely kill me. My only hope is that I die having had an impact on the world for the better." —Kendrick Wyatt, in a philosophical mood

"Ignore him. He's a crazy old coot who's a few cookies short of a bake sale." —Kendrick Wyatt, speaking of Caliburn

"Jesus fuck!!" —Kendrick Wyatt, on first seeing Fury, a dire wolverine

"Come and get me motherfucker!" —Kendrick Wyatt, taunting a now Etherian General Brant after he came through a portal and began to wreck the rest of the party

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