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Player Characters

  • Darius - Argent Tide of the Crashing Waves - Zhou's Character.
  • Selis LeDaal - Merchant of Resplendent Destinies - Chris's Character.
  • Del Aaronholt - Darkest Shade on the Deepest Waters - Colin's Character.

Selected Nonplayer Characters

  • Dorus - An ex-friend and ex-mentor of Del's who is currently on an anger-driven pursuit of Del after Del took a belt of hers.
  • Jin - De facto leader of the Deadwinds in Agorabok due to his role as hub of information.
  • Reaper in Still Reeds - An Abyssal Knight in service to Bodhisattva Anointed by Dark Water in Onyx. However, he is surprisingly diplomatic and pragmatic, even cooperating with Solars.
  • Nij - Selis's first mate and most trusted follower.


  • Deadwinds - A group of pirates, thieves and other black and grey market operations. Loosely assembled for protection and mutual benefit.
  • Gristcutters - A small group of seasoned Deadwind pirates who specialize in recovering items from sunken ships as well as fighting the underwater dead of Onyx.


  • Agorabok - A teaming city of over 10,000 which encrusts a westward-facing inlet. One of the largest free ports in the west and certainly the westernmost port of note.


The Gathering Circle

Into a Watery Ball of Fire

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