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Here I will be starting to put down information on the modern world Garr Kelvin. Since I feel as if this Garr Kelvin Universe is not necessarily my own creation (technically it's Zhou's, but I stole then ran with it), I openly invite you guys to add any sort of details you think belong in the modern universe. I'll reserve the right to approve stuff in order to have a cohesive plot for the gaming session, but I wanna try an experiment here and see what happens. First, though, is the stuff I've come up with.


Celene and Keoland have a shared, bloody, worn-torn history. The way I envision it, the two countries developed with a highly isolationist attitude towards each other. This allows for independent cultural and scientific developments.

So that little rant on wave-particle duality got me thinking... what happens if Celene and Keoland each had only half of quantum mechanics to work with. This got me thinking that if Celene believed matter was solely composed of particles and Keoland believed only in matter waves, then we might get a strange and interesting distribution of technology in our "modern day" campaign setting.


  • Aiko (Jon) - Small, female, Keolandish ninja-assassin
  • Aleric Kelvin (Chris) - Pretends to be old money playboy
  • Derik Long (Colin) - Eccentric CEO and Adventurer
  • William Lister (Zhou) - Indiana Jones meets Daniel Jackson meets a hard blow to the head

Nonplayer Characters

Tod und Verklärung

Celene-Modern Day

Since Celene has always been the European equivalent in our D&D campaigns, I decided to give Celene the equivalent of the Gutenberg printing press and Isaac Newton. This drastically affects Celene's development, or so I claim.

Keoland-Modern Day

Since Keoland has always been the Oriental equivalent in our D&D campaigns, I decided to give Keoland... well... they sorta get shafted in the technology and civil liberties department. I did give them the wave-theory of matter, though!


  • Modern Fugue Summary (11/2006-11/2007): Is the plot confusing? Maybe. Do I care? Probably not. Why? Cuz this plot kicks ass like James Bond meets Bourne Identity meets Indianna Jones.
  • Ambush on the SCS Warthinker (2/10/2008)
  • Tod und Verklärung (6/5/2016): Our heroes were looking forwards to a life of rest and peace, but a new threat rises up and threatens both Celene and Keoland. And I promise it's not vampires....maybe.


This might read like a Civilization 4 log...

around 1600 ACC

Printing Press invented in Celene.
Isaac Newton (or equivalent) born in Celene
Christiaan Huygens equivalent born in Celene. He repatriates to Keoland after having his scientific theory openly ridiculed by the Celene scientific community.

1926 ACC

Great Celene-Keoland war begins.

1934 ACC

Celene invents the nuclear bomb first. Keoland, with its superior spy network, manages to steal the plans for making the bomb, as well as kidnap some scientists, and produces the bomb with minimal understanding of how it works. Finally, after years of a long, grueling conflict that was functionally a bloody stalemate between the two countries, the war comes to an end with the expenditure of 3 nuclear bombs by Celene and 1 by Keoland. A cease-fire between the two countries is signed.

1951 ACC

Unknown to Celene scientists, Keoland scientists of the government discover the molecular structure of DNA. This begins Keoland's venture into genetic engineering.

1955 ACC

Celene and Keoland sign an official peace treaty. In exchange for mutual nuclear weapon disarmament, Keoland gets Celene to agree to trade rights and no tariffs for Keoland goods. Keoland steadfastly refuses to adopt a similar economic agreement.

1957 ACC

Peace treaty allows for the first Celene-Keoland scientist convention. Wave-particle duality is formed. Science is on the "normal" track now, but Celene remains experts at sub-atomic technology while Keoland remains experts with genetic engineering.

1999 ACC

The main character adventure involving Aleric Kelvin, William Lister, Derik Long, and Aiko. Modern Fugue Summary

Modern Garr Kelvin New Articles

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