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The Blackwell system isn't the wealthiest place in the galaxy. Colonized in the year of 2391, Archibald Blackwell invested in this barren solar system for the rich mineral deposits located in the rings of its sixth and seventh planets. He quickly established a small mining colony that turned out a small profit that made the investment worthwhile. His success attracted competitors until Blackwell became a small trading center in this remote region of the galaxy. Due to its humble origins, the Blackwell system became populated with miners, technicians, and others from the working class looking to start a new life far away from the busy, crowded galactic center.

Unfortunately, life on Blackwell is harsh. All of its inner planets are too close to have a hospitable temperature to support human life, and Blackwell V and Blackwell VI, while having Earth-like gravity wells, lack Earth's hospitable atmosphere. One of Blackwell V's moon has a temperate climate very similar to that of Earth, but this piece of real estate is reserved from the richest in Blackwell. The vast majority of Blackwell's residents live a humble life mostly working the functioning mining facilities and living indoors with regulated atmospheres. Those who are slightly more wealthy live in orbit of Blackwell VI and its large space station. Originally Archibald Blackwell's personal refueling station, the orbiting platform gradually was transformed into the center of commerce and trade in this region of the galaxy.

It is now the year 2488, nearly 100 years after the original founding of Blackwell. After nearly a century of corporate existence in this region of space, the Confederate Government finally has attempted to bring law and order to this self-regulated system. They have established a new outpost around Blackwell V, and the locals have mixed feelings about the new law enforcement that has arrived.



  • Kip: A seedy, but usually reliable purveyor of information often willing to let Sophie get first dibs—for a price.
  • Jack Javier: A train operator who vanished about the same time as a series of train heists started. Now in custody.


  • Unlikely Reunion: (1/29/2012) Erik and Sophie get a tip about somebody who's been stealing food from trains in transit. In the process they run into somebody unexpected, the Eric's arresting officer now down on his luck.


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