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Superheroes are a new to the world. Arising after WWII, a special brand of vigilantes have sprung up around the world to make the world a better place.


Player Characters

  • Edward Andrews (Chris) "What's your superpower?" "Bullets. Lots of them."
  • Samuel Blitz (Colin) A living superconductor. Somehow unable to manipulate magnetism despite being a moving electric charge.
  • Liz Deveraux (Jon) A member of the british aristocracy and a living crystal able to break your face.
  • Tucker Barton (DZ) A boy from the old South who unwillingly dabbles in demon summoning


Supporting Cast

  • Arthur - aka. John Perring. MI-6 liason for the Exemplar team. Ex-special agent who's turned to a more administrative role in his later years. Killed in 9/2013.
  • Stephanie - New MI-6 liason after John Perring's murder.

Rogues Gallery


  • The Tower of London (4/25/2010) In which our heroes are put together.
  • Tea and Blood Magic (6/13/2010) In which Sam Blitz joins forces with Liz Deveraux and they manage to somehow avoid Edward Andrews until after everything is done and over with.
  • It's Always in the Basement (12/19/2010) In which our heroes discover the ever-truth that evil is always in the basement.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (5/15/2011) Following up on a clue leads our heroes into a basement full of autonomous robots and a nuclear reactor.
  • Virus Spreading (7/29/2011) The group is dispatched to stop whatever Walter systems virus is going around from also taking over the UK satellite defense network.
  • A Few Parts Missing (10/7/2012, 8/11/2013) Some of Sam's work goes missing from his lab and a lunatic tries to use it to kill a bunch of doctors.
  • Man Down (9/15/2013, 9/22/2013) Arthur is discovered dead in his flat after starting to look into a super-powered assassin by the name of Vanquish.
  • Eye of Balor (10/27/2013, 11/3/2013, 11/17/2013) An old friend, the Blood Mage, shows up and upon going to check in on him, Sam and Ed rediscover the ever-truth that evil is always in the basement and barely survive an encounter with two fire demons. To make matters worse, he appears to be pursuing an ancient magic artifact: the Eye of Balor.
  • Mechanical Brain Spiders (2/23/2014, 4/13/2014) An oddly talented man from Georgia comes to return his mother to a mental institute and walks in on something bigger.
  • Something Awful in the Sewers (10/5/2014, 1/24/2015, 6/7/2015) While shopping, Liz gets in a fight with a tall armored man. They pursue him into the sewers, and it ain't no man. Later, Arthur reaches from beyond the grave to let the team know that Stephanie is not who she appears to be.
  • The Curious Case of Jessica White (1/25/2015, 6/7/2015, 7/31/2016) The team gets a posthumous package from Arthur suggesting Stephanie isn't all that she appears to be.


  • London
  • Year 2010
  • Magic has existed for a long time.
  • Extraordinary individuals have existed throughout human history.
  • Superheroes have been around since the end of WWII. They are common in the sense that there's about 1 or 2 in every major city around the world.
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