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One thousand years ago, several great dragons banded together and decided to civilize the known world. They founded the Kingdom of Drakaard, and for those thousand years there has been peace and prosperity throughout the land. But forces in the world want to change that.




  • Benodyr Naraskedel - Colin - A dragon blooded Elven Ranger who likes to shoot at orcs in his spare time.
  • Brant - Chris - Human Cleric of Ferrukal, the great brass dragon of Drakaard. Likes hitting things with hammers.
  • Alistine - Jon - Draconic Human Dragonfire Adept from Ferrukal.

Group Items

  • bag of holding type III, 7400 gp
  • maslvir mw chain mail, 300 gp
  • ancient badlands map, 100 gp


  • Ascaria - Leader of Belmenthod
  • Aurivaec - Gold Dragon wyrmling and familiar to Benodyr.
  • Faeryl - The Winter Queen, ruler of the Unseelie court.
  • Gelric - Elven Ranger, member of the Seelie Court, old acquaintance of Benodyr.
  • Haldar, High Cleric - Cleric of Auramelia, and her personal secretary.
  • Lanfear - Adolescent silver dragon who traveled with Benodyr and Brant in order to learn more of the world.
  • Metis - Adult silver dragon and Lanfear's older sister.
  • Mendel, High Priest - Highest ranking member of Ferrukal's monastic order.
  • Moravia - Mysterious woman connected to an evil, heretic cult within Drakaard's infrastructure.
  • Navarre - Unseelie princess, daughter of Faeryl.


  • Elves are Tasty (5/09/2010) Cleric Brant investigates the mysterious disappearance of several merchants and stumbles upon a helpful Elven Ranger and and not-so-helpful man-eating dragon.
  • How to Kill Your Dragon (6/15/2010) Brant and Benodyr tell Ferrukal of the dragon they saw and then hunt down and kill it at his request.
  • The Full Problem Unfolds (6/16/2010) Brant and Benodyr take a young silver dragon under their wing as a human and proceed to check if Karak (the mountain pass fortress between Ferrukal and the Molinar Badlands) has been taken.
  • Homecoming (6/20/2010) Brant and Benodyr bring word of invasion to Auramelia, and she asks Benodyr to find out what is happening in Svaltar.
  • The Second Front (7/**/2010) Brant and Benodyr agree to help Auramelia hunt down evil dragon cults which could threaten the war effort from within.
  • Boats are Awesome (7/18/2010) Moravia invites our heroes to a secret cult initiation ceremony. Lots of people die.
  • Traveling to Svaltar (7/25/2010) Svaltar is under attack, the war is not going well, and our heroes travel to try and impact the war effort.
  • Ambush in the Forest (8/08/2010) Our Heroes travel to the the Svaltar Forests, and they find that the trees contain large flying reptiles.
  • Beneath Aldamar (9/19/2010) Fleeing from a huge green dragon, our heroes escape into Aldamar's root system and encounter a strange underground society.
  • The Draconic Duel (10/25/2010) Before managing to leave the underground city of Belmanthod, Brant accidentally provokes a Red Dragon to challenge him to an honor duel.
  • Return to Svaltar (5/7/2011) The party returns to Svaltar and try to coordinate a defense to the oncoming invasion.
  • Ambush of Gandyr 10/30/2011, 2/19/2011 A green dragon is leading the assault on Svaltar, and it must die in order to stall the relentless assault.
  • In Belmanthod, Biting means Hello 4/28/2013, 6/2/2013, 6/9/2013 After stalling the Malsvir's attack on the Svaltar, our heroes return to Belmanthod where they inevitably find, and summarily dispatch, trouble.
  • Malsvir Lives 1/19/2014 Moravia leads an assault on the Drakaard forest and manages to create a ruse long enough to resurrect Malsvir.
  • Uncertain Times 7/13/2014 After Malsvir's resurrection, Auramelia asks the heroes to venture deep into enemy territory to gather information.
  • Man in the Gibbet 11/29/2015, 1/10/2016, 10/16/2016, 6/11/2017, 9/4/2017 The party travels deep into the Molinar Badlands.


1,500 years ago, a civilization known as the Malsvir existed in Drakaard. Its inhabitants worshiped dragons, and specifically the great dragon Malsvir. They performed profane magics and rites that involved ritual sacrifice. Their armies were the mightiest in the world and consisted of humans, elves, dwarves, and dragons. Their evil empire gradually spread across the world. Then a group of dragons banded together in an attempt to fight back. These dragons names were Auramelia, Ferrukal, Undamar, Terducan, and Arbeorrim. For 500 years they gathered allies and armies, and fought back against a much stronger opponent. Their war ended in a huge battle that saw dragons fighting dragons and climaxed with a clash who's violence was so great it created the Molinar Badlands.

After the battle, the great dragons mourned the death of their friend Arbeorrim. Having seen enough death and destruction, they vowed to spread peace and prosperity throughout the land. Thus the Kingdom of Drakaard was born.


The Kingdom of Drakaard
The Kingdom of Drakaard


Currently, there are four great city-states. Each city state is ruled by a single great dragon. It has been this way for over one thousand years. Each dragon rules their city with great wisdom and compassion, and through their rule Drakaard has known peace and prosperity. Each city is named after the dragon who rules it. In addition to being the supreme ruler of each city, each dragon is revered as a divine deity by its inhabitants. Each city has a monastic order dedicated to running its theocracy, carrying out the will of their divine leader, and running the religion surrounding each dragon.


The city of the great brass dragon Ferrukal, this city specializes in human industry. Metal working of all types is actively encouraged here as well as other mechanical constructions. Ferrukal isn't a huge fan of strict order, and there isn't much hierarchy in his monastic order. Ferrukal is a large trading center by virtue of the fact that most manufactured goods and artisans in Drakaard reside here.

Cleric Domains: Good, Chaos, Metallic Dragon, Metal, Craft.
Favored Weapon: Warhammer (tail)


Initiate of Ferrukal
Prerequisite: Cleric 5th level, Dragonblood subtype, deity Ferrukal
Benefit: Once per day you can empower any fire spell, per the divine metamagic feat, without increasing the spell's casting time or level. This can be done without spending turning attempts. This can only be done on a spell that's 1/3 or less than the cleric's caster level. In addition you gain the following spells to your spell list:

  • 0th Arcane Mark: Add your personal mark on any object.
  • 1st Identify: Determines properties of magic item.
  • 3rd Fireball: Deal 1d6 damage per caster level, 20-ft radius.
  • 6th Dragonform, lesser: Take the form of a large brass dragon. (Dragon Magic)
  • 7th Drawmij's Instant Summons: Prepared object appears in your hand.


The city of the great copper dragon Terducan. This city is the dwarven city of Drakaard, and it specializes in mining and stone work. The city is built into the mountain side. It provides the entire kingdom with precious metals and ores from its plentiful mines.

Cleric Domains: Good, Chaos, Metallic Dragon, Earth, Strength.
Favored Weapon: Heavy pick (bite)


The city of the great bronze dragon Undamar. This city is the bread basket and agricultural center of the Drakaard. Its location resides in a fertile river delta. In addition, it houses a seaside trading port.

Cleric Domains: Good, Law, Metallic Dragon, Water, Weather.
Favored Weapon: Trident (bite)


The city of the great gold dragon Auramelia. This city is the cultural center of the kingdom. It has the kingdoms greatest academies and libraries. The most highly regarded scholars and mages come from here.

Cleric Domains: Good, Law, Metallic Dragon, Knowledge, Magic.
Favored Weapon: Scimitar (claw)


Favored of Auramelia
Prerequisite: 7th level caster, Dragonblood subtype, deity Auramelia, ability to attract an animal companion/familiar
Benefit: You gain a wyrmling gold dragon as animal companion/familiar. In the case of animal companions, the wyrmling is treated as a level -6 creature.

Prestige Classes

Dragonkin of Auramelia

Svaltar Forests

Ruled by the elves of Drakaard. Unlike the other major population centers of Drakaard, the elves are distinct in that they are not ruled by a great dragon. They worship the ancient god Aldamar. Their government is divided into two courts: Seelie and Unseelie. The Seelie court rules during the summer, and the Unseelie rules during the winter. In addition to being highly secretive, they are fairly hostile to anyone who enters their lands. Most humans have learned to avoid the Svaltar Forests, and many have never seen and elf in their lifetime.

In addition, the Svaltar Forests are the closest part of Drakaard to the untamed badlands and deserts. As a consequence, they spend much of their energy battling orcs and trolls who make regular incursions into their lands.

Sacred Drakaard Forests

A huge span of land encompassing hundreds of square miles, the Drakaard Forests are sacred land to all who worship a dragon deity. It is where the dragons reside. It is heresy and illegal for anyone to enter, and all trespassers are treated harshly and severely. It is literally unthinkable to any citizen of Drakaard to go here as it is one of the highest taboos.

Molinar Badlands

A huge stretch of land that has never been charted accurately. Barbarian tribes live out here, and few citizens of Drakaard has ever felt an inclination to explore this harsh, arid, and hostile landscape.

Misc Rules

Red Dragon Bloodline:Revised

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