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It was supposed to be an easy, cushy retirement job. Private detective; snap a few pictures, prove some spouse is cheating on the other, and get paid. Easy money right?




Player Characters

  • Katy "Kat" Waterhouse (Jon): An ex-Child of Chaos occult scholar. Happens to be a Neo-Dhohanoid.
  • John Mark (Zhou): A para-psychic ex-cultist who has been trained in a variety of combat arts.
  • Nathan Moss (Chris): Phenomenal cosmic power, 17 year old kid, itty-bitty living space.
  • Nick Rothchild (Colin): An old, insane PI who just can't catch a break.

Retired Characters

  • Ryan Abrams (Chris): A former GIA operative who has rejoined the service. Killed by Nathan Moss in a raid gone bad in 2090.


  • Cruciel: "Father". Powerful mage who has altered the Rite of Transfiguration to make improved Dhohanoids.
  • Ferael: "Evil Kat". Dhohanoid and devout member of the Children of Chaos.
  • Horatio Nelson: ex-GIA operative. Has been given a burn notice. Directly descended from Admiral Horatio Nelson. Family has a long history of service to queen and country.
  • Noman Ithaca: TBA
  • Katheryn Ashcroft: Current CEO of the Ashcroft Foundation, daughter of Thomas Ashcroft.
  • Thomas Ashcroft: Former Head of R&D at the Ashcroft Foundation. Found in the same research facility as Nate.
  • ???: Owner of "Mysterio: Granter of Desires". Presumed to be a powerful sorceror. Described as a tall, lanky man, shortly cropped blond hair, and marfanoid in his appearance.

Deceased NPCs

  • Dennis Farina: Served in the first Arcanotech war with Nick Rothchild. Now is a member of the FSB SCD who is assigned to monitor for suspicious activity within the mysterious OIS. Was killed attempting to assign a SWAT team to the mysterious mansion.
  • Soon to include any NPCs that have stats...


First Arc

Second Arc


K-11 Prototype Powered Armor - Developed by the Eldritch Society, used to supplement its combat forces.

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