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The world is a strange place. Even so, it's stranger than most people will ever know.



  • Neil Kintner (Colin): A journalist who fears that just because he's a bit paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get him.
  • Delvin Mallory (Andy): A deluded man, without a past. Prone to running around with fish in his underpants.
  • Adam Walker (Chris): An aging, grizzled homicide detective.



Excerpted from from the beginning of the introduction to the Dark•Matter campaign setting.

We live in a world where suspicion has displaced trust, a world where belief in the strange is replacing belief in the normal. When pressed, most laugh off such claims, or at least ignore the greater implications of such beliefs. But every now and then, something unexplainable occurs—something that shouldn't have happened the way it did, or that surely can't mean what it seems to suggest. It is at precisely those moments when the facade of comfort drops, and we can't help but wonder:

What if it's all true?

What if the crackpots are right? What if the strangeness really is out there? And what if it's getting worse?

Welcome to a world of the peculiar and unexplainable, a world where the "can't be true" has been replaced by the "anything is possible," a world where mysterious players weave a drama of secrets and disinformation. A Dark Tide is rising, and danger and intrigue lurk in every shadow. The only weapon capable of holding back the darkness is knowledge: knowledge of what's out there, what it's trying to accomplish, and how to stop it.

Welcome to the world of Dark•Matter.

A World Like Our Own

The Dark•Matter campaign setting takes place at the dawn of the twenty-first century. On the surface. Earth appears much the same as it does today. Nations, corporations, and famous individuals are all the same—at least at first glance. The world is as familiar as the one outside your own window. but with subtle twists just beneath the surface.

Of course, that's the whole point. The Dark•Matter setting isn't about grandiose visions of the future. It's about what you already know—or what you think you know. Strange things lurk at the fringe of societal awareness, and the Dark•Matter setting falls firmly within that fringe.

Heroes of Dark•Matter

Unlike many other science fiction roleplaying games, Dark•Matter heroes are, to a large extent, just like the people around you. They're teachers and cops, scientists and businessmen, reporters and soldiers. They are otherwise normal individuals who have been awakened to the realities of their world and thrust into decidedly abnormal circumstances.

Dark•Matter heroes do have one thing in common: the Hoffmann Institute. For reasons perhaps known only to itself, this private organization has sought out the heroes and gathered them together to learn about the growing darkness and, if possible, to stem the tide.

Rules and Notes

  • You are not yet part of the Hoffman Institute.
  • You do not have any special powers
  • You can be former military or part of an upstate militia, but you'll still be somewhat regulated on what kind of weaponry you're walking around with.
    • Military people are in the system, they do not walk away from their time with lots of weaponry.
    • Militia people are generally difficult to roleplay; there's a level of fanaticism there that needs to be actually incorporated.
  • Noncombatants will have stuff to do--D*M games are pretty think-y/puzzle-y.
  • You are first level
  • You are, however, heroes, so 60 stat points
  • You're backgrounds can be linked or not, as you see fit.


  • One Cold Night at a Truck Stop: (5/20/2012, 6/17/2012) Wherein three ostensibly ordinary people find themselves dealing with extraordinary things.
  • First Outing: (7/1/2012, 8/26/2012, 9/16/2012, 3/17/2013, 4/7/2013, 4/21/2013, 8/24/2013) The group gets their feet wet by going on a ghost hunting expedition.
  • Encounters of the Jelly Kind: (10/18/2015) It turns out jellyfish should stay in the damn ocean.
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