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After the global unification, after the colonization of the inner planets, and the taming of the outer planets, after all of humanity's great works, it set its eyes further--new galaxies.

Daedulus carried the hopes and dreams of the whole untied worlds ... and then, it vanished.

And this is its story.


Daedulus is the largest ship ever made by man. It was assembled in space outside of any planet's gravity well. It has space enough for 10 times the minimal viable population for seeding a colony in stasis, as well as all necessary apparatus for terraforming and building an initial colony.



  • Hugh Bollinger (Colin) – A thrill-seeker who having had his fame run its course, decides to embark on his greatest voyage yet.
  • Martin Peacecraft (Andy) – A down-on-his-luck con-artist who got into debt to the wrong people and put the largest distance he could between him and the debt collectors.
  • Abraham Steiger (Chris) – A retired surgeon, soldier and army medic looking to find the next stage of his life.


  • Griff - Purportedly one of the first passengers to wake up, and the founder of a settlement on Daedelus
  • George - The lead of a group of scavengers that work for Griff's settlement
  • Vraa - A sheriff of sorts at the Bazaar settlement
  • Sal - Leader of the Slit Skins settlement
  • Steve Rinaldo: A guy who knows a few things about a few things.


  • Rude Awakening (11/20/2011): The party awakens to a Daedulus much different than the expected colony.
  • Damage Control (12/4/2011): The party is asked to recover an object of importance for their adoptive community.
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