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Player Characters

  • Part of the "Plan B" mecha squad stationed aboard the NES Victory airship.
    • Drokata (Colin): Nazzadi career soldier and Engel pilot.
    • John Winters (Andy): Grizzled veteran of the first Arcanotech War.
    • Lucas van Grants (Chris): Young Engel pilot and son of Brigadier General Dorian van Grants.
  • Part of a murder of Tagers stationed in Ankara, Turkey.


  • NES Victory
    • Captain Julia Kawashima: Captain of the NES Victory
    • Commander William (Bill) Donnelly: Commander of the company including both "Plan B" and "A Squad".
    • Lieutenant Colonel Jameson: Direct subordinate of Donnelly. Runs missions away from the NES Victory.
    • Vreta: Ace Engel pilot of the "A Squad" mecha squad stationed aboard the NES Victory airship. Pilots a Tarshish-species Engel.
    • Maria Sanz: Hopeful mecha pilot, but currently serves as a bartender aboard the NES Victory.
    • Patrick "Sparks" Mulligen: Head Arcanotechnician aboard the NES Victory, in charge of (among other things) maintaining the Engel fleet.
    • Trixie Bedlam: Fourth member of "Plan B" and a normal mecha pilot.
  • GIA
    • Viktor Tabanov: Huge slavic (Russian?) GIA operative. Conducted interviews of "A Squad" and "Plan B" after the interrupted training ops.
    • Laura Briggs: Small, attractive, blond GIA operative. Seems to be paired with and possibly superior to Viktor.
  • Elsewhere
    • Brigadier General Dorian van Grants
  • Eldritch Society
    • Zecha: Nazzadi of indeterminate rank in the Eldritch Society. Occasionally shows up in Turkey with orders and information for the pack.
    • Flatline/Cory: Nazzadi tager from one of the Istanbul packs.
    • Graves: The Society's head lorekeeper in Istanbul.
    • Heather Derring: Junior Seaman in the NEG Navy and also a suspected tager.

Setting Details

Military Organization

The characters belong to the Ground Forces of the North Pacific Fleet of the Pacific Command and are currently assigned to the NES Victory. While they are officially officers of the Navy using Naval ranks, they are more akin to current Marines and follow a separate and parallel chain of command from the Air Forces, Surface Forces, and Submarine Forces.


The Clasp Arc — Plan B

  • Training Ops - 1/18/2009 - Wherein an Urban Ops public training exercise is interrupted by the Migou and "Plan B" saves the day.
  • Things Get Interesting - 7/12/2009 - Wherein the GIA takes an interest in "A Squad" and "Plan B" and weird things start happening around the NES Victory.
  • Storming Juneau - 7/19/2009 - Wherein a contingent of NES Victory mecha, along with GIA troops storm the Juneau airport in search of the lost artifact.
  • Things get Weird - 7/26/2009 - Wherein recovering the artifact from Migou-controlled Juneau proves to be the easiest part of getting it back to the NES Victory.

The Tager Arc — The Murder

  • Mischief in Istanbul - 9/2009 - Wherein a murder of Tagers is involved with bigger things.
  • Moving up the Social Ladder - 3/21/2010 - Following the trail of the artifact the group heads to the Istanbul arcology.
  • The Longest Night of your Life - 5/23/2010 - The murder deals with a long night of stakeouts and bloody investigations.
  • Failure Round II - 6/11/2010 - Wherein the murder nearly loses a second piece of the artifact and becomes embroiled in a brutal murder.

The Easter Island Arc — Plan B

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