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An Agent of the Asylum.
An Agent of the Asylum.


The Asylum

An international organization set up to do battle with the shadows of the night, the menaces of the universe, and the threats from the outer dark.



  • Scott Renfield: A recent addition to the team. Ex-special forces, heavy firepower and assault specialist. Chris.
  • Sarah Harker: The team's occult specialist. Scholar of arcane, occult and bizarre arts. Also lights things on fire with magic. Jon.
  • Tomas Halonen: The team's leader and computer specialist. Is constantly wired into the Asylum grid via a tiny, complex alien computer in his brain. Colin.
  • Jessica Weiss (Retired): Another recent addtion to the team. Has genius level IQ and beyond human level knowledge acquisition and short term memory. Andy.
  • Shen YunyingL Recruited after Jessica Weiss went insane. An expert martial artist with a reputation for being highly durable... to bullets. Andy.

In Aggregate

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya: A homeless teenager with a mysterious past and an uncertain destiny. Chris.
  • Max Lake: An ex-special forces ESPer who has precognitive abilities to see into the near future. Colin.
  • Samael: A failed German World War 2 experiment who was forgotten by history. Andy.


  • Cliff Morris: The team's former teammate. Disappeared suddenly in the caverns below Chicago whilst battling an awakened alien threat. Current status and whereabouts are unknown. Listed as MIA. Presumed, and hoped, to be dead.
  • Bemis Freeman: General Director of Asylum New York.
  • Clement Saratoga: Mayor and President on the University of Glass in the time-accelerated version of Glass, Montana.
  • Cindy Bailey: Half-breed found near Lake Erie. Was the offspring of a human (Mary Bailey) and a grotesque mutated human (Allen). Captured, and sent to Asylum for study.
  • Allen Singleton: Head researcher of the Hormel Experimental Foods facility beneath Lake Erie. First in a generation of humans trapped in the facility for over 120 years. Eventually, all his offspring took the name "Allen".
  • Erwin the Cat: Purchased by Jessica Weiss during the Deus ex Purnima operation, Erwin is Unit 27's pet cat. Agent Weiss originally intended to use Erwin to test the lethality of the Purnima Restaurant anomaly, but that plan was quickly dismissed by Agent Sarah Harker. Agent Weiss then named the cat Erwin after the renowned physicist Erwin Schrödinger and his famous thought experiment. It should be noted that Agent Harker, who paid $20 for the "mangy, disgruntled" cat, never agreed to the name of Erwin for "her" pet, but this doesn't seem to have phased Weiss in the slightest. Agent Harker has begun calling the cat Hexy, and for whatever reason the cat seems to like it.
  • Max the Hamster: Purchased by Jessica Weiss during the Deus ex Purnima operation, Max is Unit 27's pet hamster. Agent Weiss originally intended to use Max as a backup plan to test the lethality of the Purnima Restaurant anomaly, and the plan was endorsed by Agent Harker, but quickly dismissed by Agent Scott Renfield. Max is named after the father of quantum mechanics, Max Plank. Much like Erwin, no one besides Agent Weiss has actually agreed to call the $30 hamster Max.
  • Unit 34: Consisting of Daniel Shelby, Timothy Davis, and (the now released) Thomas Meredith.



Not So Secret

  • Hoffman Institute: The legitimate face of the Asylum. Dabbles in fields of psychology and forensics. Runs a well-regarded franchise of mental institutions for those in need of help.
  • Saratoga Industries: Company started by Clement Saratoga in the future from the time-accelerated town of Glass, Montana.
  • Stillwater Holdings: Corporation who took and raised Jessica Weiss.


Locations of import and not so much import.


Objects, artifacts, and big shiny things of interest.


Session summaries. What happened, and who got shot.

  • Enter the Minor Demon from the Third Circle (09/10/07): Sarah and Tomas meet Scott for the first time. A demon tries to join, but four's a crowd.
  • On a Clear Day, The Future Hurts (09/11/07): Tomas and Scott travel to the future in order to save the present by reverting time and protecting the past.
  • Space Pressurized All-purpose Meat (09/12/07): Tomas and Scott battle strange creatures in a secret laboratory underneath Lake Erie.
  • Shooters Along a Grassy Gnoll (09/23/07): Tomas and Scott investigate a building owned by Stillwater Holdings. They discover, and recruit, Jessica.
  • Deus ex Purnima (11/04/07): Tomas, Scott, Sarah and Jessica get Indian food. They leave significant tips and bits behind.
  • It's Not a Bug, It's a Future (11/11/07): Tomas, Sarah and Jessica investigate a rogue unit beneath a Bronx elementary school.
  • Wheel of Orffyreus (12/27/07): Tomas, Jessica and Scott investigate a perpetual motion device in Northern New Jersey.
  • Void if Broken (02/17/08): Tomas, Jessica and Sarah investigate a leak in reality.
  • Hairier and Harrier (06/22/08): Tomas, Sarah, and Scott investigate a fishing warehouse. Shen gets roped along.
  • The Rat of Bath (05/27/09): Tomas, Shen, Scott and Sarah investigate a pocket dimension under the bathtub.
  • Maximum Fun (06/04/16): Tomas, Scott, Sarah, Jessica reunite after 7 years to face a golem, a Russian diplomat's son, and a YouTube star.
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