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At the literal end of the road, something is deeply wrong



Player Characters

  • Felix Stevens (Colin): A gear head and drone operator working with a research team studying the effects of oil drilling on Prudhoe Bay region.
  • Paul Baer (Andy): An air traffic controller shipped off to the actual north pole for pissing off his superiors.
  • Elijah Beckett (Chris): An electrician and tinkerer hiding from his past in the oil fields.
  • Sarah Fisher (Amalea): A hunter and chef working in the oil camp kitchens. Likes dogs. Lives alone.


  • Dr. Hillary Dunker: A one night stand turned friend and drinking buddy to Felix. Fellow researcher and expert biologist. Good friends with Sarah as well, regularly frequenting the oil camp mess hall for Sarah's cooking.
  • Fred McAllister: Good ol' boy, and Elijah's boss. Friendly as long as you stay on his good side.
  • James Mattick: Asshole quartermaster/shipment guy at the Deadhorse airport. Fine enough for oil company folks, right pain in the ass for the research camp.
  • Erik Carlyle: Shitty and racist oil rigging foreman. Looking for an excuse to get Elijah kicked out of his job.
  • Chuck, Daniel, and Gary: Surveyors, evidently alarmed at something they've found.
  • Mark Evenson: A drillman on one of the rigs.
  • Dr. Faye Hughes: A zoologist with the research camp.
  • Dr. Nicholas Mack: Head researcher in the research camp.
  • Joseph Magriss: Big wig with the oil company, recently staying at the site to oversee things.
  • John Murphy: Airport security guard.
  • Jerry Fisk: Asshole cook in the company food hall. Doesn't like Sarah. Probably jealous, because he can't cook for shit.
  • Maurice Benson: The airport director. Doesn't like Paul at all. He's constantly trying to get him to go do AA meetings, and quit alcohol. Paul is not amused.
  • Corey McManus: The local speakeasy maintainer at the local hotel is always there to listen and is never judgemental. Closest thing Paul has to a good friend in Deadhorse.
  • Karim Bagheri: Outdoorsman and zoologist working for the research group; like Felix he is less there in a direct science capacity and more for environmental support.
  • Wilson: Cowboy? Huh???
  • Thomas Wilco: Security/Dead Horse PD officer who showed up at the Dr. Mack incident. Clearly part of no good. Probably tried to kill our heroes with black goo.

Character ties

  • Elijah serves as a parts hookup for Felix
  • Felix has a cache of dubious materials he'll share with Elijah
  • Sarah is Hillary's good friend, and through her knows Felix.
  • Felix and Paul both frequent the same speakeasy, which Felix supplies with his home-distilled swill
  • Elijah and Paul are working together on restoring Paul's plane
  • Elijah is a friend of dogs, and is fond of Sarah's.
  • Paul and Sarah are neighbors, and relate over weird hunting stories.


Welcome to Deadhorse, Alaska, the literal end of the road. This isn't so much a town (though it has its own Post office) as it is an oil camp, a research camp, and an intermittent crazy-tourist camp. It has some hotels and barracks, two food halls, an airport, and a smattering of other buildings.

In the summer it's cold and muddy. In the winter it's colder and icey.

Deep winter and endless dark is closing in.



  • Felix and Elijah befriend each other at the airport, dealing with James Mattick's bullshit.
  • Elijah meets up with Paul, who is cursing at his mostly-nonfunctional plane; he offers to help get it working
  • Felix meets Sarah at the food hall, finds out she is good friends with Hillary, and does not make a great impression
  • Felix meets up with Paul at the speakeasy--they get to know each other over a bottle of engine degreaser masquerading as booze

Session One


In the morning, about two weeks from "full dark" falling on Deadhorse, Sarah is getting breakfast ready in the company mess hall. Three surveyors enter, deep in conversation about something that plainly has them upset. One of them catches himself muttering in front of Sarah and assures her that "everything will be fine, miss".

She gets closer to them while they're eating breakfast, and sees that they're looking over some sort of surveyor charts, on which a black mass has been circled with the note "the hell is this?". Another of the surveyors begins a conversation with her about the coming long night, assuring her it won't be too bad, but that people do get a little bit crazy by the end.

As they leave, Sarah hears one of them say something about "a goddamn crater" before they walk out of hearing.


Felix starts his morning tracking down a caribou herd via drone that seems to have wandered off its usual range. He finds the heard some ways away from their usual areas and calls in Faye, the zoologist who had asked him to track down the herd.

The entire herd is found to be dead. As they fly over, they gradually realize that the herd has died in a sort of spiral pattern. They also see that the members of the herd have some sort of black substance around their mouth and in some cases up around their eyes.

Faye and Felix agree that they need a sample; Faye tells Felix to get Hillary and head out to the herd's remains.


Paul is brought in early to oversee an important plane that is coming in. Unusually, he is joined by Mr. Magriss, one of the company big wigs who has recently started staying at the camp to oversee operations.

The plane is not one of the ones that usually flies the route to Deadhorse, nor is the pilot one that Paul is familiar with. The pilot lands the plane, but is peculiar when communicating with Paul, exhibiting a flat affect and completely forgoing normal radio protocol. Once the plane lands it goes completely radio silent. Paul asks one of the airport security guards, John, to check out the plane.

Magriss says no investigation is necessary and no further work on Paul's part is needed, slipping Paul $100 as he leaves.


Elijah is surveying the parts on one of the rigs on the tundra. While checking electrical connections around the currently inactive drill #2, he hears a metallic pinging noise coming from the drill. He gets one of the drillmen, Mark, to check it out. Mark hears the sound as well and surmises that the drill may not be anchored correctly. He goes to some controls and asks Elijah to sight down the line of the drill.

As Elijah looks down the drill, he sees some sort of black substance seemingly flowing up the drill; he records it with his phone while calling Mark over. Mark says it must be a bit of oil coming up from backpressure. He is evasive when Elijah points out that this particular well is supposed to be dry, thus the inactivity of the drill. Mark insists it's no big deal, but that Elijah needs to clear out so he and some other drillmen can properly secure the drill and get it covered before any oil starts leaking. Elijah doesn't press the matter and exits.

Session Two


Paul decides to poke around the airport some. He checks in with the security guard, John, but is told that he isn't privy to any info. John seems a little stiff, unusually so, until asked about another topic--tonight's poker game at the Speakeasy--at which point he becomes more himself.

Paul heads to the cargo unloading area, but finds entry is barred--a new occurrence. He listens in and hears someone say "be careful with that! I don't know what it is but it creeps the hell out of me".

He calls Elijah to come meet him at his plane, hoping another pair of eyes will help make sense of the odd flight in.


Felix and Hillary take a Snocat out to the Caribou site. There they confirm that the herd appears to have all died.

Felix sets his drone into a higher position, keeping an eye on the whole site. He and Hillary then begin investigating the nearest caribou. It has the black substance splashed across its face. They take a sample, noting that it provides a great deal more resistance than expected, and once in a container seems lighter than it should be. Hillary put some in a metal canister. As soon as it's sealed, they both hear a noise emanating from it.

Felix puts some in a glass flask; even when sealed, it makes no noise.

As they continue examining, Felix sees one of the caribou twitch in his drone feed. He looks in that direction with his naked eyes, and sees a what appears to be a black cloud or mist forming around the caribou as it stands. He urges Hillary to hurry back to the vehicle as the caribou takes a few staggering steps towards them. As they get into the Cat, Felix feels a thump from the pocketed flask of black goo.

Felix watches the caribou as they drive away--to his eyes, it is limned in an inky darkness. Hillary indicates she sees nothing of the sort.


On the way out of the mess hall after her shift, Sarah rounds a corner outside and walks straight into a man who can only be described as a cowboy. He knows her name and acts pleased to have met her, but will not answer her requests for his name. He wishes her "good luck" and walks around the corner. She follows, and finds that he has vanished.


Elijah joins Paul at the airport. Paul is watching the plane being unloaded across the way with binoculars, and has a bottle of whisky out. He recounts the day's oddness to Elijah, who seems dubious that there's anything abnormal afoot.

As an older woman and a man exit the plane, Paul hands the binoculars to Elijah. Elijah, upon looking, suffers a sudden sharp pain in his head, and briefly sees a vision of the woman holding the man by the shoulder with one hand and holding a knife in the other. In the vision, the two are somewhere incredibly dark. He makes no mention of this and hands the binoculars back to Paul, who resumes watching the plane getting unloaded.


Felix and Hillary return to the research camp, where Hillary takes the samples to store them and Felix joins Karim to go back and kill the caribou, ostensibly to avoid the caribou spreading an infection to other animals. They intercept it on its slow walk along the original Snocat trail, and Karim shoots it. Oddly, it takes two shots to the head to fall down. When the caribou falls, Felix sees the darkness around it fade. Karim indicates he sees nothing peculiar, but upon realizing the caribou took two shots to the head before dying, he seems as perplexed as Felix.


Somewhat later in the day, Sarah returns to her quarters/apartment. As she enters, she finds that her dogs are snarling at the closed bathroom door. She takes her gun and opens the bathroom. In the unlit room, she can hear something moving in the bathtub. She turns on the lights and sees a black substance that is crawling up the walls fall into a puddle in the tub. Leaving the lights on, she pours bleach on the substance, to no evident effect.

She goes to the Speakeasy, hoping to find Hillary. Instead, she finds Paul. She relates what happened to him, and asks him to come with her to see the goo. After some prodding, he agrees.


Elijah gets a call from dispatch as he is heading home to check the generator in hotel 2; reports are it has been acting up. He encounters Felix on his way in, who relates that it's been a strange day when asked, though provides no concrete details. When he hears that Elijah is investigating a generator, he asks to come along, indicating he fears black goo may somehow be involved.

Elijah attempts to refuse, but relents after another vision (and accompanying head pain) shows Felix screaming in the dark for someone to hurry up. The two go to investigate the generator.

Sarah and Paul

Paul concurs the goo is weird, but suggests it might just be something from the sewer septic system. Sarah is unconvinced. They carefully take a sample in one of Sarah's canning jars, and then slowly wash the goo down the drain. As the last of the goo enters the drain, they begin to hear a metallic pinging sounds from the pipes, which slowly fades away in the direction of the pipes. They both agree they need another drink, and head back to the speak easy.

Elijah and Felix

Elijah finds the generator in odd condition. A number of parts are missing, and a number more are damaged. As he begins fixing what he can, he realizes that the damage doesn't look accidental. It looks like sabotage. He calls in a parts order and asks for security. Dispatch confirms security and the order. As Felix and Elijah head back to the front of hotel 2, they encounter Sarah and Paul. Paul jauntily waves the jar of goo at them and says "hey Felix, take a look at this!"


The group heads into the speak easy. McManus serves them all drinks, knowingly putting a glass of lemonade in front of Elijah, a recovering alcoholic. They begin to compare notes, before a voice interrupts them.

They look around to see that Corey has left--not in itself unusual--and a cowboy has entered. He sits at their table. He knows all their names, and says it's a pleasure to meet them all. When asked who he is, he says, "The name is Wilson".

Session Three

The Cantina

The group interrogates Wilson as to who the hell he is, and what the hell is going on. He is cryptic, hinting that he has interests in the current goings on, either locally or globally, or both--and that the two are linked--but not being terribly forthcoming about details.

He mentions that "she" requires he follow the rules, or there will be greater consequences, and that he is here to help them. Or, that he expects them to help him, but that their interests are aligned.

As he indicates that there are more pressing concerns afoot, Felix's phone begins to buzz. Nodding at Felix's phone, Wilson says "there they are now".

The Lab

Hillary was the source of the Felix's phone buzzing. Her message is to the point: "something is up, get here now".

Felix rushes to the lab, with the rest of the group following. There they find that Dr. Mack, the head of the camp, has locked himself in the bathroom, evidently after exposure to the black goo. Hillary didn't see exactly what happened, but heard Mack shouting as he prepared a sample and then a sound of smashing glass.

Felix goes to unlock the door; as he clicks open the deadbolt Elijah has a vision of the room spattered in blood. He convinces Felix to not open the door, just as something on the other side tries to open it. Felix relocks the door and the group hears something bang against the door. Inside Felix can hear what sounds like the doctor carrying on a conversation with himself in several languages.

Paul comes over to the door and calls out to Dr. Mack. In response he and Felix here the doctor say "She's...coming..." in a raspy voice. Paul asks the doctor if he's ok--the only response is a slam against the door.

Paul gets the research camp's gun. Sarah takes the rifle and Felix and Elijah both arm themselves with flare guns. Sarah begins to get a feeling, as of a dog w/ prey, that she really needs to kill what's behind the door.

The group discusses what exactly to do, and Felix realizes he can jury rig a camera to see in the room before they open it. While he is doing this, Paul runs to his airplane to get additional firearms.

With the camera, the group sees that Dr. Mack has been splattered with the black substance. He is leaning against the door and slamming his arm and shoulder into it. His positioning obscures his face.

Sarah advocates killing Dr. Mack; Elijah isn't entirely against it, nor is Felix. Paul calls EMTs. The group waits for the EMTs to arrive, now being largely barred from shooting Dr. Mack.

While they wait, Hillary shows Felix the remaining goo sample under the microscope. It's unlike anything he or Hillary have seen before--seemingly organic units, but made of something decidely inorganic. And in the bright light of the office, it seems to absorb the light around it, becoming darker than should be possible.

The group uses the remaining time before the EMTs show up to catch each other up on the strange things each of them have seen--the caribou, the visions, etc. They also set up grow lights pointing at the bathroom door in case Dr. Mack should get out, reasoning the black stuff doesn't like light.

Two EMTs arrive along w/ one security man. Paul explains the situation, and suggests that they might need biohazard equipment. The security man takes notice of the sample and his demeanor briefly changes. He then affably suggests that Paul is right and asks one of the EMTs to go get more gear. Felix's vision is obscured by a spiral pattern as he watches the EMT leave.

The security man asks for Sarah to hand over the rifle; she declines to hand it over. As they go back and forth she notices an odd spiral tattoo on the security guard's wrist, but he seems unphased when she mentions it.

Felix and Hillary suggest the group leave; Sarah agrees, saying she's taking the gun with her. The guard agrees to this suggestion, and asks them to hang around for any follow up.

As the EMT returns and seals the door, Elijah hears a snatch of his comment to the two still in the room: "--candidate for dark mother--"

Session Four

The Attack

The group heads into the break room per the security officer's request. There, Felix loads up the video feed from his makeshift video in the lab bathroom and hands his phone to Sarah before sprinting of to set up another drone for better visibility.

Sarah watches as the door to the bathroom is opened, and Dr. Mack lunges forward before being stopped by something.

Felix returns, and switches the phone feed to the video from his drone outside the lab. The group sees Dr. Mack stopped by one of the EMTs who is brandishing the inside of his wrist--the same location where Sarah saw the strange tattoo.

Another EMT enters with a gurney; the first EMT makes a gesture and Dr. Mack docilely lies down in the gurney. The EMTs proceed to secure Dr. Mack to the gurney and make some show of making it appear that he is being medically monitored.

The lights suddenly cut out. Felix finds that the door is locked and the locks will not disengage. At the same time the group hears a now familiar metallic 'tink' noise coming from the pipes below the sink.

The group breaks out flashlights.Sarah trains her rifle on the sink as Paul rushes forward to stopper the sink with whatever he can find. Felix pulls out his tools and begins trying to open the lock while Elijah readys his flare gun for whatever might be outside the door.

As Paul attempts to stopper the sink black goo explodes up from the pipes into Paul's face. As it hits him he feels a heat suffuse him, and where the heat is the goo is unable to catch a hold of him. Sarah sees the goo literally fall away as though as it is unable to gain any purchase. Paul falls backward and Sarah fires a shot at the goo, missing it.

The group fires a few more shots at it; the flare causes it to scream, as does one particularly well placed shot by Paul. The goo attempts to grab Paul a second time but once again seems to slide off of him.

Felix manages to unlock the door; Sarah feels that same hunter-like urge growing, and takes the flare gun from Elijah. As she shoots a flare at the creature a white hot backglow flares between her and the goo--it shrieks and crumples to the ground, unmoving. Sarah feels an unnatural elation fill her.

The group moves into the hallway, throwing the door to the breakroom shut.

The Guard

Thomas, the guard, returns to the group, asking how to turn the power on. He, Felix, and Elijah head to the breakers, finding that the master breaker has been tripped. Flipping it back on, the lights turn back on. The guard suggests that the research camp really ought to have emergency lighting--Felix and Elijah realize that the camp does have said lighting, which for some reason has failed to engage.

The guard gets a statement from the group. Elijah mentions "dark mother" graffiti as a means of drawing out info about what he heard, but Thomas says he doesn't know anything about it, suggesting it might be something to do with the indigenous people in the area. Elijah notes that the guard is clearly hiding something.

As the guard leaves, the group turns back to the drone feed, which Felix has trained on the EMTs' vehicle. They see the truck departing with Dr. Mack loaded up inside, and watch as it goes past the medical center and out into the fields.

Paul turns to Felix: "You all still have that snow cat, right?"

Session Five

Prudhoe Bay

Watching the EMT truck head out into Prudhoe Bay, the group tries to figure out what to do. Do they follow the truck? What do they do when they catch up with it? Do they take Paul's plane and get the hell out of there? Do they all hunker down somewhere and wait for the limited daylight?

Ultimately they decide to get more gear from Paul's plane and the research camp, and take Elijah's truck out after the EMTs and Dr. Mack, possibly heading to Elijah's bunk in the Bay to get his gun.

At the airfield, while Paul is getting his gear, Felix sees the black cloud he's seen elsewhere hovering around the plane that Paul directed in that morning. Likewise, Sarah feels a growing sense of hostility towards the plane. The group quickly catches one another up on everything they know about the plane, and agree to check it out later if possible.

As they drive out of Deadhorse they see the cowboy, Wilson, at the border of the town. He tips his hat to them and vanishes.

Felix watches the feed, and sees the EMTs pull off onto what he realizes is a recently cleared road. Elijah supplies that there is an old, shuttered refining facility in that direction. As they get closer to the pull off, they decide not to get Elijah's gun and head in the direction the EMTs went.

Elijah narrowly avoids some sort of steel plate emplacement on the road; Paul gets out to check it and concludes it's probably not a land mine, but is unsure what it might be. As Elijah drives on he encounters several more.

On the video feed the team sees the EMT truck pull up to what appears to be a completely unused building. Eventually the group sees Magriss exit the building and walk up to the EMTs and confer with them. Light spilling out of the door shows that the facility is clearly being used in some capacity.

In the distance Elijah makes out headlights, and pulls the truck off the road, parking it.

Felix deploys another drone, sending it to do a full flyby around the facility. The first drone shows people coming out to help unload the gurney with Dr. Mack. Eventually everyone enters the building Felix pulls up infrared on the drone; he sees the expected heat blotches of the people, but nothing from the building. Peculiarly the ground around the building is slightly warm.

The flyby shows a building that has recently been patched up, and several cars parked around the side of the building.

The team prepares their next move.

Session Six

The Refining Facility

The group selects the roof as the best means of ingress into the building after looking at doors and windows via Felix's drones. Elijah reveals his broader skillset, scaling a wall and picking a lock to release an emergency exit ladder, and he and Paul head to the roof with the rifles. On the roof, Elijah picks another lock, opening a roof access door, allowing a drone access to the interior.

Sarah and Felix watch the drone feed as Felix pilots it through the stairwell into the building's main galley. There they find a recently cleared out but not remotely operational industrial setting. There are grating walkways everywhere, over the top of pooling water and other liquids. Sarah sees Felix's eyes begin to glow and he begins complaining of a headache. Suddenly his eyes flare in blue/white light, which is echoed by the screen of the phone they are watching the drone feed on, and Felix begins being able to see black mists rising off the water in the facility through the drone camera. He relates this to Sarah and explains that previously things he's seen didn't extend over the video.

He pilots the drone further into the facility, down a set of stairs by the one real light source in the galley and the door they saw the Dr. Mack get taken in through.

The stairs lead to a long hallway with a set of doors, barred from the outside. Felix uses the drone's thermal sensors to confirm there are people in the barred rooms, and some of the rooms are emanating black mist. The drone loses signal just as they reach the end of the hallway, finding a catwalk suspended above a huge dark space that they can't see the end of.

The drone auto returns to the rooftop, and the group begins to decide what to do. Sarah senses something encroaching and warns the group, as they watch a caribou touched by the black goo stagger into the road, and begin walking towards them.

Sarah and Felix begin shooting it with flares, setting it aflame. Sarah's flares are enveloped by the blue-white light from earlier--the same as the glow from Felix's eyes.

Elijah and Paul run down the stairs to the galley and begin picking their way across the floor, giving the gratings a wide berth. All around they hear the metallic tinking sound they've come to dread.

The caribou falls to the ground, seemingly dead. It forces itself back up and takes another few steps before giving out, and the black goop begins to emerge from it and move towards Sarah and Felix on its own. They hit it with more flares, and see it die--Sarah feeling a rush of exultation and Felix seeing the black mist actually burn away in blue white light.

Elijah and Paul, initially planning on searching for a gas line to blow up the facility, come back out to the gang to plan things out more thoroughly. Felix suggests setting up relays with his drones so that they can communicate while keeping some of the group in the car. The group begins to prepare to enter the building.

Session Seven

The Refinery

After some debate, the group enters the refining facility. Felix's drones take the lead, with Paul following and Sarah bringing up the rear.

They proceed slowly down the hallway, ending up on the catwalk at the end of the basement hallway Felix's drones had previously revealed. From his vantage point Paul feels as though he is entering a vast cave--there is fresh air coming from in front of him, and the air is warmer than in the refinery. Felix sends his drone forward; it hits no-signal and returns before reaching the other end of the chamber.

Paul moves forward. As Paul's foot hits a metal catwalk, the echo of his bootstep is answered by a now dreafully familiar "tinking" noise filling the cavern. Felix explores the cavern with his drones; he finds a normal ceiling, and 200 to 300 feet across from the catwalk they are on the ceiling gives way to what looks like cavern rock. Sending a drone down he finds a river of black filth flowing through the bottom of the cavern; he narrowly avoids losing a drone to a tendril of black goop that extends from the river to swat the drone.

The group debates their next move--there is no evidence yet of a generator or gas line, and the presence of a large underground area complicates the idea of blowing everything sky high.

Felix sends his drone along the catwalk. He finds stairs leading town to a landing with a door, and from there leading down to the bottom of the cave.

Elijah has another vision--same as his first one, although now the blank darkness the two figures are in is more clearly a cavern.

The group decides to get a larger sample of the goo to try and work out how to destroy it. Felix and Paul use his drone to obtain another sample. As they do so, Felix sees via his drone that the door on the stairs has opened, and two people -- a man and a woman -- are proceeding down the stairs to the cavern floor.

From the stairs to the galley, Felix, Sarah, and Elijah watch the man and woman -- who Elijah IDs as the people he saw in his vision and both Paul and Elijah saw exiting the plane -- as they walk further into the cave. Felix's drone follows them as they come to a small lake of the black goo, in the center of which is an obelisk roughly hewn out of the cave rock.

The two walk across the surface of the goo, and ascend the obelisk. The woman stabs the man in the abdomen. He doubles over, and rises, smiling. The woman places a hand tenderly on his face, and he places his hand on her shoulder, and nods.

She stabs him repeatedly, until he collapses.

As he collapses against her, he disolves into blood and goo. The woman is coated, as the liquid envelopes her. She turns, and smiles directly at the drone, and vanishes.

Echoing from all around, the group hears a voice, "Welcome, Sons and Daughter of the Son of Will. I'm so happy to meet you."

The "tinking" sound builds in a volume, becoming a heinous din from all directions. The earth itself begins to shudder around them.

The group runs out of the refinery. Between them and the jeep they see the woman. She smiles again, holding her hands out almost invitingly.

Paul shoots her.

The bullet hits center mass; her body ripples, like tar, and absorbs the bullet.

The group breaks around her, Paul continuing to fire as he runs, Elijah firing one flare before breaking into a sprint to the car. The woman begins to raise her arms, and the shaking ground intensifies.

Sarah makes it to the car first, leaping into the driver seat. Elijah throws the keys to her at her urging, and she gets the car started as everyone makes it to the car. Paul takes one last shot at the woman, who staggers, before inflecting around herself and facing them. Sarah spins the wheel, and drives off.

Sarah narrowly avoids hitting one of the steel plates the group was avoiding on the way in. It flies into the air, revealing black tendrils reaching towards the car. Getting a safe distance away, she trades with Elijah, who continues driving them away, managing to continue avoiding further tendrils.

Finally, they manage to get back to Deadhorse, where they head to Felix's lab. There, sitting comfortable with his feet up on a worktable, they find the cowboy.

"Well now," he says, "bet that didn't go like y'all expected."

Session Eight


As Wilson speaks, the world falls away for the group. They each experience visions of other times and places, with some repeated motifs: references to Father/Mother/Daugher/Son, references to fire/light, and each person receiving an item.

After a chorus of voices tells them that everything has happened before and will happen again, and that the voices and the group will have to reach out to each other to end it, the visions end with one echoing phrase:

"An act of violence. An act of will."


Wilson's voice trails of as he twigs to something having just happened. He looks around for a moment and says as much.

Paul asks him "who are you, really?" just as Sarah asks "how often has this all happened?". Wilson narrows his eyes and states that be believes someone is feeding them new information.

The group continues to press him for information--asking about the Father/Mother/Daughter/Son thing and again asking how often this has happened. They also press him on who or what he is. Finally, he reveals the connection between Wil-son and the Son of Will. He again says he can tell they've gotten info from something "off-script" and asks them what they know about a father or a daughter.

The group continues questioning him, refusing to answer his questions. He points out again that there are limits to what he can do and when asked why, reveals that the group is embroiled in what he terms a game. He must follow the rules so that his counterparts do as well, and he alludes that if they were to do otherwise it would be catastrophic for everyone. He says that his interests are broadly aligned with theirs--he would like humanity to survive, and in as much as that requires the group to be successful, he wants them to survive as well.

When asked what they need to do he tells them he's already given them all the gifts they need, but suggests they might inventory the places they've yet to look.

Comparing Notes

The group considers there next move, agreeing that the airplane that came in is one thing they've not yet investigated.

They also compare notes on their visions. Each one saw some similar things--a town, seemingly a hundred or more years ago. A space station or something simlar. Each one was handed an item--a book for Elijah, a dagger for Sarah, a shield for Paul, and a telescope for Felix. Each one also had differing visions of other locations, but they had fire and lighting things up in common. And they all heard the same chorus of voices, saying the same things.


The group is exhausted, and agrees to sleep. They set up a system of watches, and crash on cots Felix brings into his workspace.


As the night wears on, Paul notes an ever increasing *tink* sound from all around. He tightens his hold on his gun and waits through the sound.


Sarah calls in sick to work; Jerry answers, saying that her boss hasn't come in, and complains a great deal about being left to man the breakfast line alone. Per usual he complains that none of the soft newbies like Sarah actually belong in Deadhorse, and then hangs up stating that some surveyors showed up and looked panicked, so now he has to go deal with that.

Sarah recalls the surveyors from the seemingly-long-ago morning, and their concern over some anomaly at the new drill site. She wakes Felix for his watch and to have him deploy a drone to the site.


Felix deploys one of his long range drones to the site, setting it on automatic. He and Sarah notice that it is oddly quiet out when they do so. They watch the drone feed and note a bunch of trucks just on the edge of town.

Felix deploys another drone and sends it a on a flyby around town. Each of the few roads out of town have a variety of small trucks not-quite blocking off the roads. Their windows are tinted and there's no sign of who or what is inside. As he flies by one truck, a man steps out and tries to shoot down the drone.


Elijah sets up with Felix's tools and modifies some flare guns.

A Visitor

As the group gets up after their rest, they receive a visitor.

The woman from the refinery, wreathed in shadows, appears in the middle of the room. She holds her hands up in a gesture of peace.

"I've no interest in hurting you. The Son of Will has had his say. I believe now, it is my turn."

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